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I have joined twitter


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I joined twitter because I was required to do so by work.

All my preconceptions were proven true. Twitter is fucking stupid!!

The utter pointlessness of it boggles the mind.

Yet, I have 8 followers. I follow Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber posts a bunch of useless crap. In kind, I attempt to post the most banal, useless shit possible. But, I strive to find shit more inane and useless than what I do. I hate to say it but,

I am going to have to resort to IDC (inane Dan chatter).

#include IDC.h



I will post the entire library for your reference
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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On a related note, is there a way that I can approve my followers?

For example, I have a stunning 8 followers.

But one of those is a cat. Now, I'm not totally convinced, but I'm pretty sure cats don't type.

Then again, it looks like a pretty smart cat.



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#ifndef __QUACK__ // respond with JSON or JavaScript or whatever the kids of 2005 are using
#define __INDUCK__ // #note to DAN -- write our own compiler

class X { };