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i have a parking ticket curse!!


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so, near the begining of january i hit a curb and got a flat tire....my best friend's house was right up the street and she said it would fine if i parked in the driveway next to hers because no one lived in that house...
i ended up getting a parking ticket and my friend took it and said she'd pay it because she told me to park there...
anyhow, about a week ago she still didn't pay it so i went over to get it so i could pay it....
i put money in the meter and went upstairs to get the ticket and write a check...
apon returning to my car a found another ticket!! the time on the meter ran out at 4:18, the ticket was for 4:19 and i was at my car by 4:21....
fine, whatever, i'll pay it with this one....
so, i parked outside city hall and paying those two tickets took a little longer than i expected and i returned to my car to find yet another ticket!!
so, at this point i was soo pissed off and went to a friend's house....
i parked at my regular spot on the street....went inside and my friends gave me a couple drinks to calm down which forced me to wait till i was okay to drive....
now, i guess you're not allowed to park there between 2:30am and 6:00am or something, which i was completely unaware of....
i left my friend's at 3:00am added my new ticket to my collection and went home...
got home and my brother's car was parked farther down than usual in the driveway so i parked behind him leaving my car slightly on the sidewalk and woke up to find another ticket...
so, that's basically 5 tickets in 24 hours....
i'm starting to think that they just follow me around and wait till i leave so they can nail me....
i think i'm gonna start walking everywhere cuz i don't wanna be spending entire pay checks on parking tickets...
anyways, that's it, just had to bitch to someone....



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what kind of car do u drive? and whats ur plate #.... I'll make sure we aren't on the same road together!



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I've paid over $800 in parking tickets in the past 3 years. I should've paid over $2000 but got them reduced. Totally sucks, but I guess its my own fault.

*c* <--- parks alot more carefully now.


As of today, I've got about $240 in parking tickets in the past 3 weeks, on top of about $200 in unpaid ones I already had.

then there's the $800+ I got from york university whiue I wass going there.


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where my old station was in downtown Toronto, I used to park on the street all the time and get tickets. In the year that we were at that location, I think I paid more than $700.00 in parking tickets. But I had a reason. I figured, why pay $15-20 to park and have to walk at least 3-4, maybe even 5 blocks, when I can pay a $10-$15 dollar ticket and park right outside the building.

Makes no sense but I was lazy and did not want to walk.

and that's my story.

never got towed either........

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I am the queen of parking tickets, I always seem to get them, I have probably paid over $100 in the last six weeks and I don't even own my own car - how shit is that?


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Originally posted by KickIT
I've paid over $800 in parking tickets in the past 3 years. I should've paid over $2000 but got them reduced. Totally sucks, but I guess its my own fault.

*c* <--- parks alot more carefully now.

i'm exactly the same....damn old apartment with no parking spot or permit parking.

also, have had my car towed 4x.

so i'm SOOOO happy to be living with underground parking now!!


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Parking Tickets

And just think ... the City of Toronto is STILL short on money every year despite all of this! :)