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i have a confession.

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i'm totally addicted to freestyle. i don't know what it is! i hate it yet i'm compelled to listen to it!

i need help!

stevie b is my new crack.



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do you have turntables or a record player!?

*twisted grin*

hehehehehe freestyle is my dark secret.



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i have wednesday off

and new and old freestyle

i bring the tunes, you provide the g



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dmonic used to be a freestyle dj but he prefers to not mention that in his bio's

N30-p[l]a+0 <--pulling out cheesy latin guitar tinged collage records haha

why not

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someone started up a gay freestyle/miami bass night, i think it was called Gina Rok.
I think the next one is at manhatten, but i could be wrong (i was drunk when i was told).