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i got it i got it i got it


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ROBIN! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know how badly you wanted this and I am SO proud of you!
That must feel FUCKING AWESOME!



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Originally posted by JESuX


yes, she left that department to me!

(well, i got promoted too, so THERE!)

Ha! Never again I tell you, never again! (has anyone bombed that building yet?)(OK I didn't work reception there, but I still hate that building!)

congrats to both of you! (how many times can person say hear or read the word 'congratulations' in one week.)
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right on!
i knew you will one day GET IT :)

I hope you will enjoy your work :) :)

peace! and thanks for your inspiration!!



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Originally posted by squirrely

this feels so stupidly good that i just had to share. if we were in a pub, i'd buy you all pints.

That's cool I'll take a raincheck ;)

hehe congrats!

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