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I got accepted this morning!


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I fucking LOVE calculus. I wish they had that as liberal electives.

The astonomy course is the closest to math you're gonna get. As far as reading goes, so long as you don't take an English or Philosiphy course, you won't get flooded. Most profs know that people are taking the electives out of interest, and don't pile the work on too heavily.
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There is a Calculus elective, but it's not aliberal - it's a professionally related elective. Regardless, I took the course and it was a bird since I have a strong math background. Only class I got a A+ in, and I really didn't have to study.

Read: *no proofs* - it's all applied.

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Re: Re: Re: electives

Originally posted by R4V4G3D_SKU11S
I took both of those courses!

HST119 was terrible, mainly because the movies were so goddam boring. Watching black and white movies made in Mexico in the 40's is not my idea of fun. Add to that the fact it was 9am on a Monday morning, watching movies like that, ugh. The professor is kindof amusing, very absentminded. Nowhere close to the best prof at ryerson, though.

Really. You found the movies boring? I thought they were really interesting. I guess you have to really love history to like this course and he's one of the only profs I've ever had that can do an entire three hour lecture without using any notes at all and keep me interested also.

He was so much better then all those stinkers in the ITM program - Leonard, Chauncey, Logan, Grant. Gah.. Makes me shudder just thinking about how bad they were.