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I get high........

The Peej

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I get high...

from singing in front of crowds.
from dancing.
from drawing something really great.
from riding my bike.


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Reborn said:
.......off of Starbucks Americano's............damn this stuff is crazy!
Next time you're there, ask for a "quad" americano.. one extra shot makes the day feel that much brighter.

Boss Hog

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That place next to the Bloor Cinema is pretty damned good.

Also, as someone previously stated on here we're now calling it a Canadiano.


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This thread reminds me of the time I had a few espressos on the Varadero strip. I was on my 5th straight day of being awake from complete debauchery. My friends and I went to take pictures at the House of Al Capone...blahblahblah ( i really didn't care). On my way there I kept falling asleep on my motorcycle/moped/hell machine (call it what you want). I had to pull over and catch my breath, so I anteed up and got an espresso. One led to two, and then three. The local goods were 10x better then what they were serving up at the resort (but the resort stuff was still good). Point of the story, if you like coffee and are in Varadero, be sure to try the local shit, and use the sugar!

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wayne bradbury

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I don't mind Starbucks but I order 4 shot espresso's and it doesn't do much for me.
I bought some illy espresso and made some at home and had a 4 shot espresso and I got a serious rush from it. Drank it at 6pm and at 130am I wasn't going to sleep too easy


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Reborn said:
.......off of Starbucks Americano's............damn this stuff is crazy!
~atp~ said:
Starbucks Americanos are mediochre at best. And they're pretty watered down.
i have come up with an alternative - Matticano - its an americano with darkroast instead of water.

the girl at the SB near my place knows what i want, and only charges me americano prices.