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I encourage everyone who can, to donate blood, and apply to "One Match" by Red Cross

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by lucky1, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. lucky1

    lucky1 TRIBE Member

    Most people don't know my situation, but I have recently had a stem cell transplant for Cancer.

    When I was in the hospital I saw first hand how blood donors make a difference.

    I also met people who were not able to provide their own stem cells and could not find a match for transplant, so they do not have a chance for a long / curative remission.

    My roomate was a 19 year old who had been fighting Leukemia for 5 years, and had only been in remission for 9 months without having to undergo treatment. None of her family (including her twin) were a match.
  2. defazman

    defazman TRIBE Member

    you can donate stem cells like you donate blood? How?
  3. dig this

    dig this TRIBE Member

  4. Vote_4_Pedro

    Vote_4_Pedro TRIBE Member

    Good on you for spreading the word. I've been on the Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor List, now called OneMatch for over ten years. I would love it if I could help someone. I donate every 56 days, or whatever the time frame is...

    I hope I never need to use this service, but it is great that it is there - as lucky1 can attest to!
  5. sk8

    sk8 TRIBE Member

    I wish that I could - such an important thing to do.
    Good luck to you lucky1 - I wish you all the best in your fight :)
  6. lucky1

    lucky1 TRIBE Member

    The short explanation is they give you a medication to stimulate the stem cell production in your bone marrow so they spill into your blood, then they hook you up to a dialysis type machine and collect them. But, they would only do this if you were matched so registering requires little more then a blood test and swab :)
  7. grumblegirl

    grumblegirl TRIBE Member

    I'm assuming that they won't take my stem cells because they won't take my blood (cuz of my auto-immune disease), but if anyone knows differently, please say so. I used to give blood regularly, and would happily be able to help out in this way again.

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