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I.E. Help Required


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I don't know much about computers!

My buddy was over a few days ago, and decided it would be funny if he set my background as a porno pic. No worries, I changed it back.

But I don't know what he did to my comp. (he doesn't know either) my favorites folder keeps adding porn sites to it, and changes my home page in I.E. everytime I restart my comp.

How can I fix this?

I'm guessing that there is somesort of virus/program that got downloaded?

I've tried cleaning out memory, going through tools, and options...it doesn't fix it.

please help!
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thank you

Thanks all,

I ran ad-aware...it seems to have done the trick...I restarted the comp, and nothing re-appeared.

Bless those swedes.

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I should probably start taking my pills again. My memory is doing funny things, and conspiracy theories are beginning to make more sense.


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still need help

Okay, it hasn't worked.

I used spybot, and ad-aware, it fixed the problem for a day. But now all the shit is back.

I don't know what to do at this point?