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I don't get it....


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Just like their automated drivers liscense booking thingy. It's all down.

GET OFF STRIKE DAMMIT. They're paralyzing Ontario.



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the government is cutting off it's services and blaming it on the strike to give the workers a bad name.


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can someone tell me something?

i have a road test for my G2 license coming up next friday.

does this mean i won't be able to take it?



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Smile: Sorry man, I spoke to a picketer here and they said that they wiped the appointment slate clean. I would double check though, but chances are slim that you will still have your test.

:( <---- Booo
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I just went a couple weeks ago to get a new g1 in doing so they took my old one. Now there on strike and i can't see it comming any time soon. I'm left with no ID and this sucks because i have to go out local. If any of you guys know mississauga (meadowvale) This blows. Just my little vent.
sauce<------finnaly going home from work