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I created something, but it isn't music! But I thought you might like it anyway =)


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Hey all,
I've been a lurking here since 2004... I think. I come back every once in a while to check out the DJ mixes. I still have songs stuck in my mind from summer and fall Rentz mixes by Rentboy =).

Anyway, without further adue, I present to you playr.me.
Basically, it is a minimal player for youtube videos. You can create playlists very easily by adding youtube URLs to the textbox and pressing the + button. As you do this, the address bar will keep getting updated so it is very easy to simply bookmark the mix.

Here's my current playlist:
Playr.me - A few songs.

I made it cuz I wanted a nice and clean player just for the music that I wanted to listen to. I figured that maybe y'all might have a similar need.

- B_M
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