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i can't stop cracking my toes!


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I have a problem with cracking my neck... I do it all the time... sometimes it makes crunching sounds when i move it afterwards...

Phat Buddha

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i do it too :)
i think i have a problem though... sometimes when i finish mine.... and i need a lil 'pick me up'..... i try to crack my girlfriends :p


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I wish I could crack my toes! I always need someone else to do it for me..for some reason I don't know how...

OoOO..I need to go get them cracked right now..my toes want it so bad! ;)

Syntax Error

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second toe crossed over big toe really tight. push down with the second toe then up with the big toe.

this can't be healthy.


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i just have to bend my toes and they crack
and then i bend them again, and they crack
and crack
and crack

it's endless


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I've been a compulsive toe cracker for 4 years.

I just curl them down and then swoop them up and down again. crack crack crack crack.

it's disgusting. and my feet hurt sometimes. I suggest if you have just started this habbit that you stop it immidiately. it will not get any better it will only start to hurt.... plus people will think you are lame.


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LOL I do that too... well, only one toe...

My bf does it all the time and I told him to stop doing that, but he doesn't even realise it.


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Originally posted by Syntax Error
second toe crossed over big toe really tight. push down with the second toe then up with the big toe.

i can not do this with my toes. i can only move them all as a single unit, much like a flipper.

am i fucked?


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I broke my big toe playing football back in high school, now everytime it ranges in motions it cracks. I can do it just by wiggling it as well when taking footsteps. Sucks cause i can never walk up on people and scare them the crack, crack, crack always gives me away.


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I thought cracking my fingers was cool, so I started in grade 7 and now I can't stop. I crack my toes, my right wrist, my right knee, and my left shoulder in the morning. I also crack my neck a lot and get headaches after, but it feels so good at the time.

It's totally a gross habit. Does anyone know what the longterm effects are? Like, can you really get arthritis? I heard that the cracking is air bubbles around the joints or something. Has anyone actually stopped successfully?