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I can't get Microsoft Security Essentials to update


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For about a month now I couldn't get Microsoft Security Essentials to update automatically, and would have to manually download the update pack which is like 75 mb repeatedly in order to get the update to be recognized. Now with our broadband connections in Canada, this would not be such a big deal, but when I was in South Africa, paying $$$$ for the megabyte on sketchy HSDPA modem connections this was problematic.

I suspected I couldn't get Microsoft Security Essentials to update in South Africa due to the sketchy and unstable internet connection, but upon arriving home in Canada, I repeatedly tried again to no avail. The Microsoft Security Essentials update failed every time. I went through all the suggested fixes on the Microsoft support website and this had no effect

I uninstalled Microsoft Security Essentials and tried re-installing it and it wouldn't even re-install. I went through all the suggested fixes on the Microsoft support website and none worked. I am disappointed about not being able to use Microsoft Security Essentials, because it seemed to work fine, was free, and was fairly lightweight on resources - except for the boated manual updates.

In the interim, as I don't want my notebook unprotected, while I try to figure out why I can't install Microsoft Security Essentials, I installed Panda Cloud antivirus. Does anyone here use this?

Does it work OK?
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wipe and reinstall your OS on your lappy.

it will be the easiest way to get it working well, and your computer will run 30% faster ;)

MSSE !!~ all the way.

ps - never used anything but MSSE at home in years so i dunno.


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Try running a trend micro housecall. I'd stick to Security essentials, too.

Are other updates failing? Have you gotten/googled the update to MSE error message?


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I installed the cloud panda thing. It puts a cute icon in your taskbar and found 175 worms and 10 trojans on my laptop that MSE missed. (they were all in an old email backup, probably email attachments I never opened in the mail spam folder, but still, MSE never even saw them.
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Dr watson or whatever app MS has could run a fix it. There could be an issue MSE is trying to run 34bit not 64.