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I am so excited and I can't tell you why.


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Isn't that the worse?

I am giggling so much.

All I can say is seeing other people happy is the FUCKING BOMB.

Success! *pumps fist*

Share some happy thoughts before I get depressed at around 6:33 pm. Thanks.
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happy, you want happy?

I'll give you happy..

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Originally posted by zoo
i skipped 3 classes today and i have an assignment due in an hour

my assignment is done

i just don't want to walk to school

that's why i skipped class

it's frikkin' freezink outside


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That's the thing. Things are shit right now with me too. But it makes me happy to see others happy!!!


Share happy thoughts about other people!
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Big Cheese

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make you happy sunny..

if you feed me enough expensive single malt............

and i become really pissed

i might for the evening, become heterofexible


and this weekend is shaping up to have some good stories for monday

that's for sure

me b clubbin


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Since I got canned on Monday, I've been floating on a cloud of titties.

As soon as it wears off, I think I'll get another job and get fired just to see if it always feels great.

Dr Funk MD

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Originally posted by Dr Funk MD
I'm really excited for my death which will be swift and liberating.

... oh yes and glorious. I forgot glorious.... and possibly involving explotions, but one thing is for sure, I won't survive to make a soap opera style comeback. No siree!
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