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I Am Moving To Montreal!!!!


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The company I work for finally approved my transfer to our Montreal office. I am beyond excited. I move for the weekend of January 3rd. It will honestly be a happy new year for me!

I can't wait, to be in the city I love with my friends and nights out/events with decent music that I actually like for a change.

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I am always up for a good party!!

Hmm, Sunny is arranging the homo night for us all (yes, you too Hetero Joe!).

When should be have the "Ta-Ta Extravaganza!" bash for my going away?


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i can't come out to that event you guys should go and have a good time.

but the going away party i'm so there
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b/c i'm not gay

and if just the gay guiys and gals go you will have such a good time and you'll have lots of cool stories to tell

[and pics to post]


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Oh shut up Joe, the Straight Boys Not Allowed thing is such a joke.

I even said "on the bright side I'd get to meet you!"

You're coming and get to be part of the cool stories and pics.


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dude, do you need a place to live?

if you do... i'm going to Australia for 8 months so I need someone to take my room. PM if you're interested.
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I think i am going to move there as well come september.

That montreal soooo hot right now... montreal:D


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you're going to work in montreal? i thought the plan was something else....

you're comming over for a weekend of vinyl geeking out before you leave!!!

bonne chance mon ami :)

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Originally posted by Dam That SnarkEE Kid



c'est ton choix.

I was so close to joining your unholy entourage at Concordia. Alas, prospects of Peter West wearing nothing but 'information' kept me here at Western. It's not the same without you StevEE. The sarcasmo alliance is getting weak.


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Originally posted by quantumize
i hope there is a big going away party b4 you go

yeah me too so i can cheers you to your departure :p

seriously speakin', live it up in Montreal dude :)



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Thank you everyone for your kind words. I can't wait to go and I can't believe that it is less than two months away!

I just came back from going out in the Gay Village/Ghetto and I had a blast covorting with the Drag Queens and friends I was with. Toronto can certainly be fun but my departure is long overdue.

Manda darling, we will meet before I leave, trust me!!

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