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I am looking for some RAM for my Mac G5... Do you have any to spare?


Staff member
I just got gifted an Apple G5 2.0 Gz which will be perfect to turn into a scanning station for my film scanner. It will be great to get those old TRIBE slides and negs digitized.

I do need more ram for it though. Ideally I need 8 x 2Gb pieces of PC2-4200 DDR2 533 MHz 240pin RAM

Since this RAM is quite old, ff you have any lying around collecting dust, please let me know. I will take it off your hands.

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Aaron Bradley

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Alex - I've been trying to get rid of tons of old ram for the last year now on kijiji. Let me go through the pile tonight and get back to you. I'm almost positive that I have some sticks like you mentioned.