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I am looking for a part time job


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Know of any retailers or local businesses who are looking for a part time person in the Leslieville / Riverdale area.

Super talented and responsible me, an East End icon!, is looking for some part time work to keep me out of mischief and earn some pocket money (to put in the kitchen renovation fund) this spring & summer while helping out a local business.

I can spare 24 hrs a week tops but my hours are extremely flexible and can be called in at short notice even. I will consider anything except for bartending or waitering.

If any of you know of anyone looking, please let me know or please pass my name and contact info on. Would appreciate it.



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1. Finishing compiling your Toronto rave history material
2. Write copy and lay it out
3. Publish it
4. I will buy it
5. Profit


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I would gladly write the Toronto rave history book, Alex can supply the photos and sources, Spence can buy it and use his charm and dashing looks to convince others to buy it. Mucho profit.

Sal De Ban

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isn't there a new metal detector store in the east end? i though I saw a sign along queen, 'now hiring experienced metal detection analysts'.
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