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I am going to relocate home and office outside of Toronto. Where should I go in Ontario?


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A close friend sold her house and will probably move to the states. It got me thinking deeply about why I even live in Toronto.

Most of my favorite restaurants are gone now. I rarely see the old friend group anymore because most have moved out of Toronto. I don't go clubbing, movies, etc.. anymore. I don't make annual trips to South Africa any more so I don't need proximity to Pearson. My needs have changed.

I don't even run the big iron anymore, the tribe servers that sometimes had to be manually re-booted in a server rack downtown. Now we are on cloud servers.

I need to get the precious metal products for the new TRIBE direction cast in the jewelry district downtown and my gemstone and tool suppliers are there too. But I can courier stuff in to my precious metal casting guy. I reckon if I am near to the via rail corridor I could come in every couple of weeks to buy supplies. Or drive in. I would have to buy a car.

So I decided that is what I will do. I am going to sell my place in Leslieville, buy a new place in the spring, and be moved into a new base of operation by next summer. That's the plan.

I do mostly photography and design at home now. It's a content production studio and a jewelry design workshop where I build models in wax and plastics. I have stuff scattered all over my house now, so I am going to look for a small house (for me) with a large heated garage that I can turn into a design workshop and content production studio.

So now where to go...

I am initially thinking Niagara Peninsula, Norfolk county (a lot of those racecar people probably had heated garages on their properties.). I love the Lake Huron area out Kincardine way and also Bancroft, but both might have too short a growing season for me. I like Bancroft area a lot, but those winters are too long.

I am not interested in places like Hamilton, London, etc, as this would be like swapping one city for another.

Near but not on water. Maybe a few other artists nearby (or if not, I'll build an artist community).

Any ideas for a new areas for me to look? Suggestions welcome!
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You know Alex - we'll always have Paris.


It's got it's charms and you can head into KW for fun events easily enough in not so much time!
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Seems to be lots of old building in Kingston from my quick net search . I like that. What's it like to live in Kingston?


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This is kind of a scary thing to be doing, but also exciting. I guess scary things are often exciting. Anyway, even though I still see myself as 19, the old body is failing bit by bit and I have to make preparations for that. I hope to find a home that is old dude ready, perhaps the previous inhabitant modified the place a bit with grab bars, for example. Maybe a small 1 story bungalow to minimize the stair climbing. I am up and down the stairs in my current 3 floor place all day long, and while I can do it now, in 10 years, maybe not.