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I am Carson Kressley.


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From Queer Eye from the straight guy.

Someone told me tonight that I was him.
And I'm full of one-liners lately.

Help, I don't want to look like Ellen.
And be obsessed with the couture.
so you would be THAT usueful!?

I would just switch to another more subtle and useful deodorant then.


not trying to insult you but.. you do seem to know a fair bit of what I would consider cultural stuff. Like, photography, certain books and art.. so... it sort of fits.
If you think it doesn't.. then so be it.
Yeah, but what I'm saying is that people have been equating me with Carson. And it scares me.
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It doesn't scare you - you're loving it.

Through posting this thread, hopefully more people will think so.

Then you can deny it while really loving it, all the time!
Isn't life grand?

Well, to be honest, I'd like to be just as fast-paced as him. But I'd like to think I don't look like Ellen Degeneres even though my hair is going that route right now.
Honestly, Sunny, you are so not Carson. He has good fashion sense but he's like a hyper 45 year old suburban woman.

You're too cool to be him.
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You think he has a good fashion sense?

Oh, you mean for other guys. Yeah, I agree. He's pretty good.
I want his job still. Or at least, personal styling.

Speaking of which, I'm taking a friend out to score some couture tomorrow. I'm already planning a "don't" list and figuring out what colours to hone in on.