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I <3 Montreal


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there's a sick electro night on thursdays at saphir. be sure to check out mary hell! now if only i had a huge budget, i'd cart her ass down here.

they've started this hardcore night in montreal on wednesday nights. fuck, you would never believe how pack st.catherine is at 4am!!! obviously not that many peeps for hardcore but still.

yum yum yum


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I don't think you'd need a huge budget (or much of one at all) to bring Mary Hell to Toronto.


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hmm. I haven't really put much thought into it, I would just like to spoil her if I were to invite her to Toronto. For example, book a hotel room for two nights, I wouldn't like to book her and expect that she travels back the same night.

She deserves a big night at Circa. I can't even fathom the costs of what that would be! May as well make it, "Montreal takes over Toronto" night and book shitload other dj's that would rock a crowd.

I'd like to hear your suggestion though.
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Well i don't think their all dirty but they certainly don't lack in personality. They have no problem approaching men hell I've had some try and pick me up just walking down St. Catherines. I just find that most of them don't ego trip, like they can around here.