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Hyper @ Fever

Trevor James

TRIBE Member
Well the party was hype. Hyper threw down an wicked set. White label after white label, it was sick. Tim as always played a wicked set and Jelo rocked it. As far as Chu Vs Saddler Vs Switch it was amazing. Switch really stepped up and played probably the best set I've ever seen him play.

Anyways thanks to everyone for coming out see you next time.


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well, i was pretty tired and didn't really feel like going out, but i thought to myself that i should make an effort to flyer somewhere in TO. a few calls around and i was pretty well ready to head out. but a little reminder that it was lori and angus' b-days, made me reconsider my plans. i had thought about going out to this event since i first heard about it, but i thought that i was too tired for a breaks night, so i was a little less excited than i should have been.

as we get there, chu, dave saddler and switch are letting loose on 4 decks. i often find these sets over rated (4 decks i mean), BUT DAMN! they got this thing down. nice mixes through and through. i think they kept sort of surprising each other with good mixes i think. at one point chu was letting a track build up and switch started mixing something in. chu sort fo looked over with him with this look of "what are you doing?" but holy shit did the mix work to everyone's surprise. chu quickly retracked the expression and replaced it with a pleasent smile and went back to work. lots of little tricks were being thrown around. very nice display of mixing and tune selection. by far one of the best breaks sets of the year.

next up was dj hyper. his first mix didn't really work when a needle skipped. i initially thought he just screwed up the mix, so i was thinking about how he might have been over rated. the first few tracks also seemed a little weak. after that moment of doubt that i had, he kicked it up full force. one word to describe his set: TUNES!!! he had a whole ton of them. as a huge fan of d&b, i'm pretty much centred around always wanting to hear fresh sounding tunes. it's not enough for me to just hear good tunes i know, or new ones that sound like the old one. i need fresh beat patterns. this man delivered. probably one of the more impressive sets of breaks i've heard. the tracks were almost completely white labels, and they were so far ahead of what most other djs are playing that i couldn't help but be impressed. as an instinct reaction, i kept waiting for the rewind, especially since a lot fo basslines had that more heavy sound usually in d&b.

overall great nite had by all. it was great to see lori, ratika, angus and our lovely pain in the ass (corey
). happy b-day guys. thanks for getting me to go out.

huge props to the promoters who brought out good tunes, great crowd (no sketchiness in sight) and a pretty good set up for the room. i'll have to get myself out to hamilton more i think.



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We had a blast (except for the elbow situation!) The tunes were kickin and the shots were flying! A fun nite had by all..



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Wow Hyper rocked it. I got to a interview with him before and he told me he was gonna drop an N'Sync track. I was like "whoa".

When he dropped it everybody was shocked at first but then the place went nuts. Some guy kept yelling "f**k it up" to Hyper through most of his set. He was fucking it up. That guy wasn't afraid to drop anything.

It was an amazing night. And a great deal too since Hamilton, Orlando and Washington D.C. were his only North American dates.

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From what I can remember...it was awesome!
Thanks to everyone who came out for my bday celebrations, I had a blast! Shawn, yes I am a baby when it comes to drinking straight whiskey! As a matter of fact, I was still drunk this morning when I had to wake up at 9AM and open the restaurant! NOT GOOD!
Thanks for the drinks& good times everyone!

Angus, I have to redeem myself, smoke-off on Wed??



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what a wikkid night!! I was so impressed
I enjoyed the setup very much too!! Fuken crazy beatz as expected when u have such an amazing line-up!! And celebrating 2 birthdays!! Hope u had a good one Lori and Angus! Hamilton's bak on the map!! I think everyone had a great night, and im glad! Can't wait for the next event- keep em' coming!



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I gotta say I had a really good time at this party. I had been stressing out lately and this party definitely helped my mood out tons. Chu, Dave and Switch were on fire on the decks. I really like the setup and the boys played really well, playing off eachothers mixes to perfection. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of nu-skool, but I liked Hyper's set. Not too much of the dark nu-skool which I can't stand which was good. I even got off my ass and danced which I haven't done in way too long. The moves weren't coming as I had hoped but it was still super good to bust it.

Anyways, good job guys can't wait for the Freq in September. propa.

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