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Hype: The Art of Hip-Hop 2


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Well I guess I suck because I missed their first one, apparently.
But does anyone have any info on this?
I saw a little blurb in Eye about it, but no more.

Of course it is on February 9th, but I like to be in the loop ahead of time

I'm mainly interested because it's at the AGO

"Graffiti, break-dancing, DJs Turntable Monkz, Hangman...$5 door"
is all it mainly says it the Eye blurb.

So, did anyone reach the first one?
Or know anything about this one?



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i'm thinking of going to,
but i want to know when it starts and when it ends - so i can figure out if i should book work off or not...
ah well
i guess i'll just wait and keep my ear to the ground
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michelle were you there? I had a really fun time at this... lots of friendly faces, and well dipped cuties were out for sure. Some of the art was just mind-blowing... especially case's work and prism's stainless steel sculptures and homemade constructed freight-train panel (you know what i mean if you were there).... some of the emcee performances were kinda questionable and i was a bit too out of it (read: hungover) to chill in that room... I didn't check any of the seminars either.
toronto heads have such dapper styles when it comes to gear.
the jam was sold-out... 1000 people in the place (plus the people like me who pulled scams to get in).
should be some after parties to hit tonight.


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all of yesterday was spent recovering from nokia

if i was in any condition i would have gone
it was between a party at roy thompson hall and hip hop at the ago.

rth won, only because i'm sure there'll be a Hype the Art of Hip Hop 3.

sometimes i wish i could clone myself!
glad to hear you had a good time pat