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HYPE/ Sandra Collins @Turbo

ecstasy riot

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What a hype night !!!!

I get there around 12am and see both lines to get in are massive.
Hooray for Turbo and Lifeforce for having a crazy night.

I am so happy to see the club filled with people just so excited to be there, for the music, for the originalVIBE for everything Turbo stands for and gives back to the RAVE NATION !! Oh gosh, I'm being lame. =)
So many good looking people all around me, so many great dancers. Altho it was mighty difficult with the floor being so slippery as it was so steamy downstairs cos of the amount of people flooding the basement. It was great !

Hype was pretty good, not as good as Bittersweet but that was one of my fave sets of the year. He started off with some heavy tunes and kind of slowed things down. It was nice anyway. GQ you rule, but please no barking. =)



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Wow! I havent seen Turbo that packed in months...although I havent been there in months either so what do I know! Tim Patrick started the nite off proper, getting me all hot&sweaty before Sandra Collins or Hype even came on! My nite pretty much consisted of running back and forth between floors, I didnt want to miss anything! Both played decent sets...nothing special. It was nice to finally get out and dance up a storm though, I havent done that in a while! It was also great seeing the two lovebirds out..my bro and Jen

-Goldielocks <----off to shower!


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The people definately made the night for me. Hype's set was rather disappointing...nothing new or different was thrown down. The crowd was hype though, which made it much more enjoyable....the heat though....HOLY SHIT....I wasn't even dancing too hard (because of my bum leg...argh I can't believe the doc said it will be two months before it's better..

Anyway, I'm rambling. Great night Turbo, I haven't seen the line that huge since last summer. Great to see everyone and meet SO many cool people.



p.s. Meghin, Thanks for putting me on your list!

Temper Tantrum

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A former Turbo-hater, because of a good friend's birthday and peer pressure I submitted myself to attending the event tonight.

I am SO glad I did. EXCELLENT crowd, too many smiling faces, too many old friends, lots of dancing and sweatiness and hugs and shots at the bar (You still get funny looks ordering 'orgasms')

Sandra's set was dissapointing. She's blown the roof off System but tonight she just wasn't on the ball. To much like any other mainstream commercial house/trance shit that I try and get away from. Hype was pretty damn good for someone that hates jungle

Dekoze came on for some reason after Sandra, WORTH THE WAIT! as usual Tim Patrick delivered a great intro.

Shouts out to my birthday boy Jay, I love you baby, more then you know. MalGlo, Cri, Loress, MC Bias, Dlerium88 (ALCHOHOLIC
), Kyle from Oakville (secrets?) , Susan Oh, Airbag, MoFo, Lurch, headwinds, j-hi (I will drag you here one day) and bloody well every
other member of the TBK. A great fucking night. That's all I have to say.

t. tAnTrUm
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and craig (rudebwoy), I saw you in line behind me, didn't get a smack upside the head as I requested from you, I will officially kill you D-E-D now


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^^^^ agreed
Deko-Ze just doesn't get the amount of respect that he deserves.
Highlight of my night - shaking hands with Sandra Collins and being able to tell her that I love what she does.
It's official....im a DJ hoe
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dekoze dropping Yet Another Remix of You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record) and Mauro Picotto's - Underground Baguette

Highlights of my night

among other things


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Not that anyone cares with the dozens of posts I've made in the past 2 minutes, but this was one of the best nights I've had in a while. Sandra started up a bit low, bridging nicely from Tim Patrick (I believe) before her. Dekoze hammered the decks as usual, exactly why we love him. Suke, thanks for the hook up tonight. Ali, I'm glad we could talk. Vinder, try and run away like that again and I'll BREAK YOU. Svet, plenty more kicks in the ass coming your way, better get used to it
Alex, I'm glad that we could have a vis-a-vis conversation about what happened. Joey, where did you go? Or need I ask your scottish ass (hugging toilet bowl at a gas station somewhere). Susan, nice to finally meet you. Anyone else I've forgotten, it's not my fault, I'm still pretty fucked at the moment


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sunny - nice to see you, albeit briefly

shannon - your secret is safe with me until I find some way to profit from it

tobias - nice seeing you again, been a while, since lisa lived in toronto
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Temper Tantrum

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MalGlo:
drunken fun fun...

i can't believe i';m at work.

2 hrs sleep...... 12hr shift..


All night.
Dave and Jay pulling me up to the bar.
5 hours after last call and I'm still trying to sober up.

I feel your pain Dave.

t. tAnTrUm


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Hype was on fire last nite, tight mixes, crazy tracks and his scratching was awesome. Good to see Skibba show up, he got the crowd going, the vibe was off the hook.
Nice to see the peeps in front of the stage go absolutely wild!!!!!!!!!

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I had a pretty great time last night
TimPatrick had me dancin..it was great! Sandra Collins and trancy stuff!! WOOHOO

And then there was Deep..running into me from every direction &lt;-- you know how strong you are boi right? A little tap by him sent me flying

Thanx to Jay for taking that picture

And I got to spend some great quality drunken time with my boi at the bar sipping a chocolate martini &lt;-- yummy



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It was heartwarming, to say the least seeing Turbo packed to the gills once again.
Although musically I wasn't blown away, the crowd and the return of the basement vibe was enough to make me go home with a smile.
Thanks for over a year of amazing memories and even more amazing music.



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i was only at turbo for a couple of hours, but those hours were off the hook. what an increadible night. ahhhhhhhh. i should have stayed. but i was planning on going to another party. i got to my new destination at around 2, but i think all the party people were at turbo. the worst part about it was that i dragged one of my other friends with me. i'ii have to owe her for the rest of the year. ah well. made the best of everything and had a good night.


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THIS was NOT a typical night at Turbo.My friends & I show up and BOTH lines are long...Are we at the right place????...YAP....Anyway we get in and I ran into TONS of my friends that I didn't expect to see which made the night even MORE special.I mostly hung out upstairs and met Sandra C beforehand to wish her a wicked set.I thought it was awesome.Its been a while since I've had THIS much fun at Turbo.Afterwards I met Sandra's manager and she then grabbed me and pulled me aside to talk to her AND Sandra.She was VERY sweet and kind and told me of her plans & stuff...

OF course DEKO-Ze was just rockin' but my friends wanted to leave but I just wanted to thank everyone at Turbo for a GREAT night and HOPE to see more of 'em.....

take care ALL ;-)
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