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Hybrid Vinyl


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The past while i have been searching for any old vinyl thats off of cari lekebusch's hybrid label. Any of the earlier releases, or really anything off of the cd he released "pet van jet" (i think thats how its spelt). I've searched all over and hardly any vinyl stores (interet etc) even have a 'record' of his earlier productions. The closest i came was to that cd pet van jet, which was not in stock.
Any help on finding these records would be hugely appreciated.


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For a semi-complete hybrid catalog you can look on www.sonicgroove.com, for a complete discog look at http://www.lekebuschmusik.se/ I think your going to have a hard time finding these titles new. Most are out of print or deleted, and for as far back as I can remember (4 years or so) there has not been a Hybrid repress. The used bins are more likely to yield anything.

If you really want them though you can check www.gemm.com though your likely to pay an exorbant amount for a single. I checked though and there doesn't seem to be a vinyl release for the cd you are talking about. I believe it is a compilation of older and unreleased material that was a cd only release. About 60% of the material can be found on older Lekebusch EPs on hybrid from late 97 to the end of 98.

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