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Hybrid @ System


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Holy shit! what a night.

That was one of the best nights i've ever had, or at least can remember.

Everything fitted so well...

The soundsystem, the decor, the crowd(knowing half the people there really increases the level of enjoyment), and the MUSIC!!!....relentless....back and forth between 4/4 and breakbeat....

4A.M.: they drop this tune (Plump DJS-Scram)...one of the best breakbeat tunes i have ever heard....the most amazing, razor-sharp beats and build ups to haemmmorage over.

And not forgetting the "Papua new Guinea" remix (thanks Mike)....i've been waiting a long time to hear that.

BREATHE is everything i have ever wanted in this city....

Can't wait for next week though....I love THE LIGHT even more than Hybrid and that's profound to say the least.




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okay, now that I'm not a drunk..
that much..

Ya I had a good time, they were pretty sweet, I just thought the were into more harder.. texchnoishy..ways...

It was cool tm meet some new people and see more friends again....

too bad about the list thang...
sorry ritika


Hybrid was probably one of the best nights I have been able to have the pleasure of witnessing in a long time. I still can't say, think or express in enough ways how utterly incredible and amazing the night was, the selection of music and the overall extremely positive vibe that was resonating throughout the night, not only amoungst the Tribe Board Colletive, but also with everyone else in the joint.

What stuns me the most is how Hybrid kept raising the mood more and more and more. At every point where I thought they had reached their peak, they managed to elevate the energy circulating in the room, the mood and the excitement that was running rampant everywhere. Hearing them mess about with the Deep Dish remix of Barbarella was a highlight, as was the Radiohead remix, their remixes that are on their brand spanking new Remix album and their overall playfulness with the crowd. They were a class act in every way possible and kept the feeling alive.

Thank yous:

To all the Tribe Board massive that made it out that night. You guys really make a fun night spectacular and it's always great to put the faces to the posts on the TRIBE board. Nesta, Jemz, Janiecakes, Ilix, mcbee, delirium 88, striker, anticlick and everyone else I met in person; I'm glad to have met each one of you and look forward to seeing you all again. It will happen soon, I can guarantee that.

To the post Hybrid escaped lunatics (anticlick, rentboy, deep, janiecakes, ilix, striker and myself); fuck, the night seemed to end too soon. Thanks for having us over and it was great having that great conversation (and deep's profound love of freestyle and how he wishes he could be cool enough to head to plastique across the road). We must do that again.

To Miketwisted; you've been one of the ringleaders in making Friday nights one of the most exciting, highly anticipated kickoffs to my weekends. I haven't felt this hyped up for Friday evenings in ages and I haven't been disappoined yet. I'm definitely there for The Light, Jimmy Van M and a host of other guests that you've managed to wrangle up for us. Please send my most heartfelt thanks to Hybrid for providing a spectacular night and to the rest of the Breathe people for hosting such incredible nights. Thank you ever so much Miketwisted for providing myself and the rest of the TRIBE board with such an outstanding, stellar night unlike any other.

Minister of gratitude



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this was my first time @ Systems since it started sucking about a year ago.

it looks a lot better. although, not being the biggest house fan, I should probably come another night.

glad to see at least two other people noticed Radiohead being mixed in (I don't own the album and I know that song) ... it was the first one off Kid A if I'm not mistaken. very creepy sounding stuff. would've been better with drugs though.


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The song is "Everything In its Right Place"..My head nearly exploded when that came on.

I usually dont write reviews but here goes: System looks and sounds better than ever, the crowd was great and up for it and the music was fantastic..Scaife is a DJ I need to hear more often, played a great warm-up. Hybrid was great, moving back and forth from four to the floor to breaks with ease which was a perfect mix in my mind.

Two tumbs up.

Thanks Breathe, Ill be back.
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I had been waiting for Hybrid in Toronto since I heard that they were coming. Even with all the great things I heard about Hybrid for the last little while, I was still totally blown away.

Hybrid took to the stage just before 1 am to begin the 6 hour set. The dj booth had been moved to allow the boys more room for all thier equipment which made it for intimate as we all could watch them as they played and fiddled. Within the first couple of tracks, they had us all dancing up a storm. They started up hard and dirty and never let up... layered patterns over stuff, threw the breaks in there and kept us moving and moving.... Was great to be up close to see them spin and fiddle (nice equipment too!) but the best part was the fact that they looked even more happy to play than the crowd was to be there, to revel and dance!

Great to see all of you guys....
Just one question, when is Breathe bringing Hybrid back?


Subsonic Chronic

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After some drinking and listening to Hipp-E at Turbo I ventured down to System. Somehow I completely missed JEMZ... and I'm kicking myself for that one. I think I missed abunch of other people too. Damn.

Hybrid was really really cool. And that's all I have to say about that.

Good times, good times.



Breathe @ System = best club night, EVER
Hybrid = best set, EVER

let's see...Janiecakes, Hal-9000, Metal Morphis, mcbee, Deep, Respect, Highsteppa, Echo, delerium88, Rentboy, Gizmo, Coleridge, MikeTwisted...you guys are all truly wicked party people.

It's going to be very tough to beat this night...
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the light are also pretty well known progressive/trance breakbeat producers. they used to do a lot of stuff for the older oakenfold-style club trance. i haven't heard much from them lately though cuz it's been a while since i've bought any trance or progressive.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by deep:
inverted postparty thoughts

metal morphosis is not incredibly sweet and really does hate her roommate [Hi DaddyIWantSomeChocolate]
And a big hello to you too, Mr. Deep. As for Lisa being sweet....you're right. She can be sooooo sweet, it's almost pukealicious.

Had a blast, enjoyed meeting you guys (and J. Duncan too)!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Hal-9000:
As in Sasha vs. The Light "Belfast" remix?</font>
And "Expand the Room" as well as "Opium"
Two very big tracks.
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