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Hybrid @ System


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So how was it?

Due to a series of really unfortunate events, I ended up at Turbo instead of System and overall had an awful night. I'm just hoping that Hybrid really sucked.... at least that would make me feel a bit better.

But what am I talking about... they were probably awesome (and actually they're probably still playing as I write this)


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I just got home and sorry to say bud it was AWESOME!! and when I left (
because my bastard ride had to get home :mad
they were still rocking the place anyway i'm depressed because I should still be there, I was told they were going to play till seven... but I'm hoping it ended right after I left... as for Turbo well you should have known better.


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well, I was kinda disapointed in them. I was expecting at least an hour of some hard "get up and dance" techno, but it never came.

Whatever.. I had fun

Cool to see friends and meet new people..

Otis, email me mate.



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Fresh, Fresh, Fresh, Fresh, Fresh... Wonderfully Fresh.

I spent more time in the car tonite than I did at System, but as the old addage goes: Quality not Quantity. A 2 hour ride from London in blinding rain and a two hour drive back to London in blinding snow could not ruin my evening. I only spent 2 1/2 hours tops at the club and had a wicked time.

First off, it had been so long since I have heared a really booming sound system. I haven't been to Toronto to party in so long, that I did not have any idea of what to expect. I was so impressed. Dark, loud and crowded... system kept many different "types" of individuals partying together, and partying well. As Echo so eloquently explained "It was a bunch of adults coming out to dance." No hoopla, just dancing, good music and some drinks et al. I can't explain how impressed I was with Hybrid. Nice hard, tekkie, deep grooves... not too up not too down, created a wicked atmosphere.

Met Highsteppa, Deep, and Rentboy for the first time and of course am glad to have (finally). Nothing but respect there.

New friends, McBeeeeeeeeee, Janiecakes, and Ritika welcoming me back to their turf the pleasure was all mine.

Old friends, Sara Chan and Beaker, Echo, Steve and Chris, Metal Morphosis (a wonderful person), all whom I hadn't seen in way too long.

Two friends I didn't get to see

All in all it was short, but it was sweet. I have to work in 4 hours, so I say goodnight.



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Just got home.. stayed 'til the very end. Last song Hybrid's mix of Never Gonna Come Back Down. Feet tired, need sleep... will post my review sometime later after blissful sleep.

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amazing! fucking amazing!!!!
I was on the dance floor when they got on. The only time I left was when the lights came on and the bouncers said "time to go folks". I couldn't believe it, they started off hard, deep and dirty and kept it at the SAME intensity for the entire night!
Now I'm off to amputate my feet....


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To sy the least, Hybrid were amazing..
they whiped the crowd with tune after tune all night. When I went to see what they were using, it was an MC-307, 808EFX, some roland CD players, that roland effects unit that attatches to mixers,(sponsored by roland?)but it just seemed like they were only spinning all night I really cant recall anything sounding impromptu.. I never actually caught a glimpse of anyone touching the gear.. but then again, I was flailing about like a spazmatic trout.

I was wishing a bit but I would have loved to hear them throw down thier Cafe Del Mar mix.

Nice seeing the dedicated crew once again, it always makes for an excellent vibe.

It was definately worth yet another trip to System.. it hasn't disappointed me yet.

joey> your package is in the mail.



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i thought the music was incredible last night. i stood at the back and they still managed to keep me interested for pretty much the whole time i was there.

as usual, it was good to see everyone out and having fun. who needs another club night? breathe always rocks.


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Well...I don't even know where to begin.

Okay...let me start by saying that they are a true collective...in every sense of the word. The intstinctive interaction between the three guys was phenomenal (one guy punching out some live stuff on the gear, another tweaking the EQs as a track runs on the decks and the third guy flipping through the records...and then they'd rotate...and rotate again).
And speaking of records....my god did they ever have a shitload of vinyl with them!!!
On the live side...during the first hour of their set (1:00am - 2:00am) the live gear was being toyed with by the sound guy so they didn't start rocking with it all until about 2:30am but once they started it was absolutely incredible.
The flowed seamlessly between 4/4 and breakbeat...and had the entire place jamming like it weren't no thang!!!
I was completely in awe...and then they dropped their remix of FSOL's Papua New Guinea and I was in heaven.
Definatelty one of the best sets we've ever played host to at Breathe.

I'd also like to say thanks to all the peeps from the Tribe board that I met who came to dance their muhfuggin asses off: janiecakes, deep, chris courtney, highsteppa, respect, echo, delerium and all the other peeps who's names slip my mind at this moment. You guys rocked as hard as Hybrid did.

Anyhow...I have to take advantage of this space to let you know about next week 'cuz we're no longer allowed to post in the Upcoming Events section...so...come back next week for a live performance by progressive trance and breakbeat maestro's The Light!!!

Also...joey...whatever made you think that Hybrid played full-on techno???


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And Mike Twisted, if you can't follow the few simple rules for promoters of this board in the upcoming events forum and spam other forums with your stuff I will ban you from the board entirely.
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I had a wonderful time at System as per usual... I always love returning there every Friday.... up until the end it was an all together wonderful night...
thanks everyone for taking good care of me as well
until the next time....


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sh*t...really wanted to get down to check out hybrid, but unfortunately had planned a late night on the ice...good to hear it was wicked, & hoping to get back onto the breathe bandwagon pretty soon...keep up the good work kids...


Booty Bits

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Originally posted by OTIS:
but then again, I was flailing about like a spazmatic trout.

that is one of the funniest things i have read in a long, long time. thank you OTIS. i needed that laugh.


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This was yet another amazing nite at System..
I will say that last week i was a little disappointed in Mark Scaife's set..but these week...aww...soo good...

As has been stated already, Hybrid was amazing, only adding to another excellant nite at system...
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all i really have to say is I HAD AN AMAZING NITE.
i have had barely four hours sleep and had to work retail at 10am this morning, but nothing can wipe the smile off my face.

an all round classic evening at system. it had all the essential elements...my good friends, some tasty drinks, the phenomenal tribe board crew that consistently amazes me with their electic, varied and fun personalities, the bumping tunes and a slew of new friends
(i gotta thank alex d for printing a photo of me in the mag way back when...worked out in my favour last nite

i didn't know what to expect from Hybrid...last nites music is definately a switch from my usually routine of funky breaks and house, but it was refreshing and energizing to hear something i don't usually hear. i was very impressed

hands down, a fucking fabulous nite. most of all my nite was made by all my friends, new and old, that entertain me all nite. i love you guys.



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that is one of the funniest things i have read in a long, long time. thank you OTIS. i needed that laugh.
Glad to be of service!

did anyone catch that remix of that Filter tune? It was around 5 AM

That was done so proper.



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I was impressed...they rocked. That simple.

I requested FSOL "papua new guinea" and they played a wicked remix!..awesome!!
they also played:
Dusted "always remember to" (a remix)
Photek that new track I think is called "mine to give" and lots and lots of other wikkid tunes...
Hybrid completely impressed me, technically they were incredible, whoever said he/she was expecting to see more improvisational stuff - I don't know where you were because half way through their set one of the guys was well into the drum machine and the sampler while the other tweaked the knobs in that huge dashboard.

I should really mention though. Mark Scaife played a very, very good set. I think he just proved to me how versitale he can be, he opened up for Parks and Wilson with a good deep/progressive house set and now this week he throws down a wicked set with some breaks in there. Well done sir!
It was a good night overall. The crowd seemed to enjoy every minute of it and the set up was really well done by System, it made it that much more of an intimate event.


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Originally posted by OTIS:

did anyone catch that remix of that Filter tune? It was around 5 AM

That was done so proper.

yeah and same with the radiohead song...unless i was hearing things...


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inverted postparty thoughts

trucks without mudflaps on rainy days help improve visibility and safe driving conditions on the 401 and are generally driven by attractive, intelligent individuals with excellent personal hygiene

hybrid are totally uncoordinated and unskilled and didn't blow the roof off the place

janiecake's pictures do her justice and there is no obvious reason why people like her so much

i do not know i lix & is not a sweetie

it was horrible having to talk with highsteppa more than @ parks & wilson and our banter was boring and unfunny. he also holds in high esteem jean claude van damme's acting abilities

stryker does not find racist jokes at all funny, does not like cigarettes and openly shows affection to cats

rentboy is always amused by my never ending abuse and never contemplates killing me

echo is rude and inconsiderate and it is not plainly visible why so many like her vibe so much

respect does not like breaks but really likes the people at coat check

metal morphosis is not incredibly sweet and really does hate her roommate [Hi DaddyIWantSomeChocolate]

wearing a sweater in a club is a practical and intelligent decision

gizmo is not a guy who goes to great lengths to ensure everyone has a good time

dlerium88 is shorter than me and not sweet

i am a pleasant, soft spoken gentleman who does not get dragged into women's bathrooms, stays there for inordinate amounts of time while amusing and confusing female patrons within, and generally have kind things to say about everyone and everything

nor do obnoxiously slam my bum into people playfully while dancing or make stupid faces or writhe intentionally like an epileptic monkey to make other people laugh or ask what the fuck is wrong with me

it was not a pleasure to finally meet jemz, mcbee, nesta and all the rest of the tbk that I had met before

miketwisted & breathe do not throw fucking off the hook jams

I am not missing brain cells devoted to memory because of ambarish's goddamned generosity


captain sunshine
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Well, looks like I missed out on a wicked night - I wasn't feeling 100% Friday night, and I started a new job today, so I played it safe and stayed home


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HYBRID kicked some amazing futuristic break beats. I would definitely see them again.



Metal Morphosis

TRIBE Member
and Deep's post above is NOT the funniest thing i've read in a long time.
what can i say that hasn't already been said.
Hybrid = amazing
TBK = Best Group of People ever
I think Breathe should become an all inclusive event for the TBK.
Mike - please book Hybrid again as soon as possible.
JEMZ - you are too sweet !!! So great to see you out in T.O. i'll try to hook up with you in London this coming weekend.
And to all the rest of you TBK kids - thanks for the wicked night



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Dang...how could I forget Gizmo and Metal Morphesis???
Silly me.
Anyhow...I thought that you both deserve a shout out because you're part of the loyal contingent of knowledgable peeps that make Breathe the great music-based night that it is.
Thanks again.
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