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HUZZAH It's boxing day!

Temper Tantrum

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So who'sawhatsitwherizit for the deals? I'm gonna head down to Q west and hope for the best!!! Any tips/ deals?

What a BEAUTIFUL day, i'm in the best spirits. Lovely brunch with family, day filled with shopping, meeting up with derek, getting treated to an xmas dinner by my friend for christmas and then my boy comes back from belleville.


Huzzah to this :)

What is everyone else doing today?

It's the official end of christmas and beginning of new years prep!

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I had plans to go boarding today but due to conditions I don't think that's happening anymore.

I would really like to go shopping but I'm doing what I can to keep myself locked away indoors playing ff x-2

Big Cheese

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i looked @ the mall

really nothing on 'SALE' that wasn't anything diff a few days ago

save for tommorrow @ Boa :)