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Hungry Hungry Hippos


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Hi i'm God

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SOURCE - Daily Mail

Their bone-crushing jaws, 24 razor-sharp teeth and armour-plated skin are enough to ensure most animals keep their distance.
But, as our incredible pictures show, even crocodiles are no match for a herd of angry hippos.
This young reptilian predator paid the price for swimming too close to a mother and her calves while they bathed.
As 50 hippos gathered into a defensive circle around them, the crocodile panicked and raced over their backs in a bid to escape.

It was the last mistake he ever made. The beast's defenses were no match for the maze of angry mammals, who proved their bite is every bit as lethal as his.
The spectacularly rare battle of the beasts was captured by Czech wildlife photographer Vaclav Silha.
He had set up his camera on the banks of the River Mara in the Serengeti national park, Tanzania, when the unbelievable scene unfolded before him.
But the 45-year-old got more than he bargained for when a colossal fight broke out between the group and a sneaky crocodile he had spotted earlier.
‘Mutual respect between these animals means fights occur very rarely,’ he said.
‘One of the only reasons you might see a conflict is if the hippos have young and they think the little ones are under threat. That’s exactly what happened here.

The incautious croc got too close to a female who had calves and the whole group gathered into a defensive circle around them. It was a strong message for the crook to clear off.
‘I have absolutely no idea why but the crocodile suddenly raced across the backs of the hippos. I think it might have panicked and thought it was a possible escape route. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
‘It was the worst choice the reptile could ever have made and it was definitely its last.
‘The island of hippos suddenly erupted with teeth and all I could see was the crocodile being repeatedly crushed in their huge mouths.’
Described as one of the most aggressive creatures in the animal kingdom, an adult hippo can apply several tons of pressure in a single bite.
‘Even the toughest crocodile could not have withstood being repeatedly bitten like that,’ said Mr Silha, from Prague.
‘There was no way for him to escape. I few seconds later his lifeless body slipped below the water and I didn’t see him again.’
One of these pictures was originally published in the November issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine.



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went my family went on a tour in Kenya we stayed at a lodge near a marsh where hippos were in residence.. they would walk up on the grass in the compound at night and graze. All guests were given VERY emphatic instructions to stay on the lit paths and not approach the hippos for any reason - not only are they very fast runners but they do weigh upwards of a ton and a half and while they might only have like six teeth their jaws can crush you like a pop can given the opportunity. The rangers considered hippos the most dangerous animals on the preserve.

Dirty Girl

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I feel a bit bad for the croc actually.
i do like hippos tho, especially house hippos.
hippos are the most dangerous animal. they kill lots of people.


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AFAIK the hippo may be the number one killer of humans in Africa, not counting humans and maybe mosquitoes.

Snake fighting. Is very. Dangerous. Fighting. Snake.
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