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^^^^ fucking wicked!!!
that was probably one of the best parties of the year- for me at least. best sets- frisky, d-minus, vibes and dj wolf. i also really dug hearing some goa at a party for once thanks to subsonic chronic.
awesome vibe all around- met waaaay to many cool peeps. usual hulla spirit- gained many bracelets, stickers and candy! yeah, so i don't have too much more to say about that cuz i'm all dumb today. 9.5/10



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AMAZING PARTY!!!! It was my first Hulla, which prolly added to the amazingness of it-but none-the-less it was hype. Awesome sets by Frolic, DJ Wolf,Spice, SOS and D-minus. The people I went with were the best, and the people I met were the nicest. Thanx for a great party guys, and thanx Norm for letting us crash at your house...

Pete, good set you....it wasn't so scary for us more paranoid types....hehe


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good party...but
lastnite i lost my wallet. must have dropped out while i was dancing. it's a black leather wallet with only $5, which is not important. what is, are the cards which were contained inside. if anyone found this wallet please return it to me. thanks.

peace, 1lOvE
ps:the black guy with the expensive camera.

peace, 1lOvE


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good good goot partay.

all fun and smiles.
The people i hung out with.... all great! funtimes and mad respect.

Sets of the night:
Dj Wolf (impressive shit)
Petey (That chronically subsonic guy) nevermind they misspelled your name. LOL

massive TBK turnout... t'was nice to meet the crew again! hrm.... we are all long overdue for the next meet.

peeceout peoplez.
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Smoking Bowl

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I had a f*cking wicked time at this party. I danced my ass off, and it was REALLY good to hear that goa at the end of the nite.. (Thanks Pete!)

I enjoyed the vibe and the music VERY much... Best sets of the nite... DJ Vibe (except I can't stand MCs and left the room cause I got tired of their interuptions)
SOS, Indica and Subsonic Chronic.

I also enjoyed the up and comers room a lot and over-all, I'd have to say it's in the top 5 of the parties I've been to this year!

Peace and Love,

Klubmasta Will

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props to the tbk. hope to see more of you out at hullas in the future.

watching e-by-gum start off his last mc-ing performance with "alright frolic ... one last time mate" sent shivers up my spine. then came the heartfelt speeches. by the time it was over, the man was in tears. and the crowd was going absolutely INSANE.

that will go down as one of my all-time favourite hullabaloo memories.

here is a picture (stolen from astroboy's website). (webster's dictionary has contacted robb and they want to put it in their next edition under the definition for "hype"


you can view the rest of astroboy's hulla pics at: http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=939711&a=10401395


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Could you feel the love??? Damn, the night was just fukking wikkidly amazing. From the beginning to the end there were people everywhere, smiling, dancing and blowing those whistles while kick ass music was rampid from room to room.... there was soooo much talent at this party. I don't think I heard one bad set, and the up and comers room blew me away. Not one DJ that I heard spin in there was anything less than what was going on in the main rooms.... impeccable mixing and programming all around....
The party was truly one of the best of the year, and it felt like one big family... friends everywhere!
Thanks to all who made the night an amazing one from before the party to after

and thank-you HULLABALOO!!!!!!!


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I had a blast at hulla, the sets were good, the people were good and I met some new peeps, so all in all, a great time was had

Astroboy out...

ecstasy riot

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Hulla is one of those parties that something major always had to happen, good or bad. Because Hulla's are always such special events.

But you can never stay upset at a Hulla, cos 50 people will come up to you and tell you to smile and give you a bracelet, and try to make it the best night of your life. I love that!
Well, it turned out to be a awesome Hullabaloo after all.
My most memorable sets of the night: DJ Spinz played an awesome set. I as dancing and dancing, especially to the breakbeats at the end.!!

After 1am, I stayed in the UP and COMERS room the whole time. Time well spent!
Ripping Snare played a really really really incredible set that had me dancing the whole time. Cos it was oldskool, but it was just regular oldskool, not the usual oldskool sets from like 93-94 that just include the tunes. His mixing I also found really flowed, because some new DJ's, I find have the tracks but can't mix. If he has a mix tape, I want it!!

DJ Wolf blew up the shit, too. Playing some awesome tunes, that had me up in a storm.

I also had a great time meeting people, as you always do at Hullabaloo.


ps. what dj was up before/after DJ spinz, cos they played Orca's 4am which had me going crazy. One of my favorite songs ever.
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Well, to sum it up shortly, I had a really fun time. The set up was good. I only had to wait for 10 mins to get in. Everyone I met was cool and I got lots of toys and braclets....thanks. I did the same as some of the other TBK and stayed in the Up and Comer room for the most part with lots of wanders to the other areas.

Soundstream, good set, and my friend Lisa says thanks for the CD.

We also got a Chris C tape that is pretty good.

The only bad thing that happened to me was that I got too drunk and I didn't get to dance as much as I would have liked to. Did someone slip something in there?

Good sets by all in the Up & Comers room!
I think one of the sets was someones first at a party before? Good job.

Was there supposed to be an outdoor area?

Subsonic Chronic

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Hullabaloo was... a Hullabaloo, of course. And after having gone to as many as I have, the magic is still there, and I could know, without opening my ears or my eyes, that I was at a Hullabaloo party sinply by the vibe.

I feel really bad for having missed MC E-By-Gum's send off, I heard that it was incredible. His presence on stage and mc'ing will be missed, especially after having been such an important part of the Hullabaloo experience for years. Best of luck in your future endeavors with the UK Hard House, and John, welcome to the dark side.

I spent a lot of time in the up and comers room (read: drinking area), and stumbled on out for Indica's set which was for me the best set of the night. It was nice to learn that Indica is also producing, for anyone who caught his set, the last track was one that he's putting out soon on his own label (I think it's called Kush or something). And it was a mighty track at that.

Strongbow had a great set in the up-and-comers room (I'm also biased because he played some psy) but the mixingand timing was great and the tracks worked well together. Thanks to everyone who came and supported me during my set, especially for the goa, I wasn't too sure how it was going to go over but I could see a lot of people really getting down to it. And it was so much fun to end the night off with some sweet epic trance. ahhhhhh....

Thank you Hullabaloo!



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I've definatly had more fun at other hulla before but that is beacuse all my friends are now too cool to go to hulla thus I had to go alone. Added to that my bak card decided to stop working so I had no money to drink! GAH! Thatnks to frisky for buying me a round though.

The absolute high-light had to be the farwell to E-By-Gum. That was magical. Likely the loudest/longest ovation in hulla history. He will be missed.

hopefully next one will be better for me


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Originally posted by Preroller:
We also got a Chris C tape that is pretty good.

chances are i passed that tape to you off of the main stage? either during mystical's set or friskys??

all those tapes were from frolic..glad you enjoy it.. i like the chris c one as well



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Soundstream, good set, and my friend Lisa says thanks for the CD.

Thanx. Tell Lisa, she is welcome, hehe.

I think one of the sets was someones first at a party before? Good job.

Err, that would be me. I had a blast that night. Even though my crowd dwindled to the silly border patrol that refused to allow anyone into the room during my set, I loved playing at Hulla. My "first party jitters" are now over with, and I am sure I will be completely comfortable playing any future parties.

Cheers ... Ian
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I had a fawkin blast playin in the up'n'commers room. I felt totally at home and even managed to work in that third table a couple times. The corwd in there was phenominal. I was enjoyin myself so much I wound up screaming during some of the buildups. hehe Hopefully I'll get another go at it next Hulla.

Peace & love. D