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Hullabaloo massive,

First of all big up yo'self for one hell of a party last night! The numbers proved that hardcore is FAR from dead, the partiers were 'avin it large!

Sharkey Sharkey Sharkey... What else can I say? DJ/MC Sharkey proved (although he didn't have to) to Toronto why he remains at one of the BEST in the hardcore scene. POUNDING 1-hour set, you know something's right when the dj's have a bigger grin and are dancing as hard as the partykids!!!

I hadn't done a review in a while, only because I'll only write about something that's totally beyond any expectations.

:D ;)

*Thank you again Chris*

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What an absolutely wikkid night. All the sets from top to bottom rocked my ass! OMG SHARKEY!!!!! All the things I've heard about Sharkey and how much of a hardcore nutta he is were so very true. I think he was going off more than the partiers were.

Cheers to Virus for spinning with me. "Giant steps are what you take ........... " Such a classic CHOON that I haven't heard spun out in AGES!

Thanks to all the people who stuck around to the very end. I hope we made it worth it :D

Hullabaloo's still rockin' it after all these years!

Klubmasta Will

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congrats to frolic and the hullabamassive for another successful event. i missed sharkey (who i was really hoping to see) but rumour has it there is a video. ;)

so good to see toronto partiers support 3 events - hulla, syrous, purple heaven - on a saturday night. things may be looking up indeed. :)


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It was a great party!
My first Hulla in a long time, and they haven't changed.
Wicked lighting and sound.
I wish I had a little more time to play, I would have loved to fit in a particular mix I like doing but alas I had no time.

Thanx to the Hulla Crew, I missed all your sets,
till next time
Nick / Twitch
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Had an awesome time while I was there. Arrived around midnight to D-Minus' set, he played many of the classic anthems and played them well. Twitch and Satori can always get me moving, considering how tired I was when I arrived. Sharkey kicked so much ass! Great mixes while MCing to his own set. It was also great to hear so many tracks I did not recognize. Left towards the end of Anabolic Frolic's set as I was absolutely exhausted and my bed was calling my name. Everyone was going nuts for most of the night, it was great to see the Hullabaloo spirit out in full force.


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oh how I missed Hullabaloooo... didn't get in til almost 1:30, which was our fault for getting there so late anyways, but it was also nice of Robyn and Chris standing outside with everyone keeping us updated on when they'd let more people in, any other event and the promoters would probably be hiding inside.. Sharky was awesome, had no idea what to expect from him and loved every minute of it, the music was bangin the entire time along with him MCing over his own set was great, he seemed to be having the best time out of anyone in the building!! Anabolic was up next and spun a great set as always, he's the reason so many people travel from the states and he never disappoints us! The whole Hullabaloo vibe was awesome as always, with the sold out crowd hopefully that means more people are excited again and we can see the return of a big Hullabaloo party in 2002!!!

Subsonic Chronic

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It's so nice to know that even with two other large parties and probably even more smaller ones, that Hullabaloo can still rock out a wicked party!

I must admit that I snuck out early... Johane and I were on hardly any sleep, and until we left we were really forcing ourselves to stay up. But while I was there, I was reminded that the Hullabaloo vibe is still going strong years after it began. It's too bad that I couldn't have stayed longer to catch some more sets and see some more faces, I'll have to make up for that next time!



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It is so great to see that these parties are still going strong, and that there areso many happy hardcore lovers out there :D !!!

Honestly this party reminded me why I love parties in general, with an overall positive feeling and many a smiling face. So damn wikkid.

Thanks Chris for throwing these fine events because as it would seem, 'Nothing can stop us now!!!'

~ Johane