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Hullabaloo - Rhythm of Life


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Well folks, what did you think of this party???

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The music was amazing ...
And the vibe was pretty tight too
But I need sleep now
I'll be back later

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It wasn't the party that sucked...it could have been good. Maybe a little less packed.

<begin sarcasm>
All in all I had one amazing night.
<end sarcasm>

Hullabaloo has the worst luck..but at least they keep trying...

I dunno.


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First off, it true is trajic what happened last night
It's a little disheartening that something like that would happen not only at a Hulla but at any party
You always hear that stabings happen at clubs But when it happens at a party, it can leave you shaken up
The family of the victim is in our hearts and thoughts
Now onto the party ...
It was at the Docks
Which isn't that great, but you can't complain all that much because it is a pretty clean venue
Got there just as silver1 went on
And he threw down a really good set
A nice mix of anthems and newer trancey stuff
His set really got me moving
Next up was Marcus
And it was quite a treat when MC Tragidy got up on the stage with JD
Marcus threw down a pretty sick set
But it just wasn't what I was in the mood for
I was kinda hoping for more new skool bussiness
DJ Energy was up next
And he blew right away!
I've never really been into Freeform all that much
But after last night that's definately gonna change
I just couldn't stop dancing for his whole set
The guys I was there to see were next
Brisk and Storm were amazing as usual!
Brisk played a really hard set which was a good change
Storm also had some nice surprises too!
He had a couple of new ryhmes
Brisk did end off his set with some delicious anthems
And the vibe in that room went through the roof when he dropped Eye Opener
I got the feeling that we were one huge family as everyone sang along and then went nuts when it dropped!
Frolic was the dj ...
I was in line to get my coat for his entire set
His set was alright ... a lot of stuff off of Chapter 5, which was expected
But he also sliped in a couple treats like Field of Dreams and Pacific Sun
Then the last set of the night Frisky & D-Minus
All what I have to say about that is it was delicious!
The music was absolutley amazing all night long
I couldn't believe that it just got better and better
But what remains is that it's still hard to believe that such a trajic event could happen at such a happy gathering



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got to the party at around 11:00pm
got out of coatcheck at around 11:25pm
dosed at 12:00
Man get's killed at 12:20
Icecapades on the dancefloor at 12:30-close
Slip and fall while kikksteppin at 1am
Watched my friend get interrogated by cops, thru the lookingglass ~1:30am
Grapevine says the party's gonna close shortly.
Ran to coatcheck and got my shit back (averting my eyes from the bloodstain on the ground). ~2am?
Left the 'party' ~??:??am
reconveined at echo's house (thanks for the hospitality sweetness) ~ ??:??am
Many Many spliffs round and round ~??:??am
Hadda goooood sleep ,:)
Breakfast with friends on a wet sunday morn ~2:30pm

How was the party? uneventful


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I was in absolutely no mood to party after what happened. I was glad that I didn't get to spin because I would not have been able to actually get into a set, and the night's events would have been on my mind the entire time.
Maybe some people can just let something like this go and forget about it for the rest of the night...



How could they let the party continue after a murder? Sickening...
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evil homer

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the fact that they people continued to party amazes me,, but i think the fact that they let the party continue was very well thought out

they closed down that room so as not to contaminate the crime scene (i believe) and then had warm palces with music for everyone else so that after the TTC closing the entire 2000 ppl were not simultaneously dumped into the cold night


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apparently the party continued so that
police could question people and get more information. i know it seems cold
but it was a good idea so that proper arrests can be made.


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Yo Nesta and anyone else that asks this question,

you can't let over 1000 sketched out partiers, file into the streets at 1am in the morning.



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Originally posted by fleaflo:
Yo Nesta and anyone else that asks this question,

you can't let over 1000 sketched out partiers, file into the streets at 1am in the morning.



Smiley Jo

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Originally posted by fleaflo:
Yo Nesta and anyone else that asks this question,

you can't let over 1000 sketched out partiers, file into the streets at 1am in the morning.


Especially given the location and the time of year, way too cold, and no TTC.
I understand the cops decision to keep the party going, although if I had been there, I would have left.

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Klubmasta Will

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the main room was crowded because the second room was closed off after the stabbing.

the party continued after the incident for several reasons:

1. it would be UNSAFE (as mentioned by others) to send over two thousand people into the street in the middle of the night, with no ttc running. (many people got to the party by taking cabs from the subway station ... these people would have been stuck on the street all night.)

2. the police ASKED that the party continue in the main room so that they would have time to organize a system to take statements from people as they were leaving the venue.

3. the first report that we got from the ambulance worker was that the victim was stabbed in the arm and that he was going to be alright. it wasn't until about 5 am that some people came back from the hospital and reported that he was dead.

please don't make judgements about the djs and mcs that continued to perform or about the partiers who continued to party. at the time, all they knew was that an individual was taken to the hospital and that he was likely going to be alright.


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Truly the events that occured are a shame...
my heart goes to his friends and family. This can't be easy for them.

I also feel for anabolic too. He's had bad luck recently, past events that had no real connections to him or hullabaloo have put his career in real jepordey. I feel for him.

As for the party..
it was alright, given the situation. As many others I didn't know he died, if I did I would of made my departure much faster..

We got there about 12 which is a shame as I missed silver1's set. He's been getting really good recently and I like to atch him..
im sure there will be more though.

Dj energy came on eventually, I was excited for his set but for some reason or another he just didn't cut it for me...
couldn't find a groove.

Brisk came on next, he played a lot of newer hhc early in his set, i personally don't like it as much as older hardcore (96-98) but he did eventually get into a little of that...
unfortunatly by now they had to close the 2nd room and dancing was pretty much out of the question.

I started to get tired now, damn parks&wilson having to be in town the night before!

So i went back to the third room flex came on. I usually like flex but he had the bass cracked up for the whole set (or at least while I was in there..) totally ruining it. The room was just too small for that bass...

Chris C came on, he played an amazing, really kick ass set, but alas im getting old and can't last that long anymore.

I had to stay and see frisky play, damn putting him and dminus on last. Well, he played his remix of my fav track so that made up for it all.

The line-up to get out!!!
yikes is all I have to say...

meghiin was walking funny after

I slept for 12 hours afterwards..

Id ont think that is healthy though


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I am sorry to hear what has happened. I too originally heard reports that the incident was non-fatal, but heard the next morning what exactly had happened.

I was having a fun time at the party until the incident occured. Although having not witnessed it first hand, nor understood the seriousness of it (I didn't know it was life threatening) I continued to try to make the best of the party in lieu of the circumstances.

I do believe that they were smart to keep the party up and running, as a complete shutdown would have been quite a handful for everyone to handle.

Cheers ... Ian


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what happened to Capital J???
i know it was his birthday, so i'm assuming that he got too drunk and never showed. i asked frolic bout it and he didn't have a clue.
other than the disappointment i had when j didnt go on, i had a pretty good time.
i was in the small room most of the night with my girl. biggup the drinking massive. ]
i have to give props to the two guys who did the live PA. they were totally awesome. i forget what they were called tho. anyone know?

ryan =)
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I spent the whole night in a daze.

I saw the blood.

I saw the body.

and I was sure he was dead. if you had seen him, you would have thought so too.

I thought I was going to puke at the whistle posse, pumping it up, and everyone throwing their arms in the air. SOMEONE WAS STABBED.

yes, I realize that it was safer to keep people there. yes, I realize that many didn't see the horrifying sight that I did as I made my way out of the second room and came inches away from stepping in human blood.

but I could barely crack a smile as the party went on and I was stuck there for five hours, as my favorite kind of music was relentlessly spun over what felt like a very bad dream. people tried to cheer me up. I tried to shake it off. I began bumming cigarettes even though I quit smoking three weeks ago. frisky & d-minus may have saved my life by spinning a few of my favorite tracks. (I cried @ devotion from the sidelines)

then I drove back to michigan.




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Originally posted by w33ds:
what happened to Capital J???
i know it was his birthday, so i'm assuming that he got too drunk and never showed. i asked frolic bout it and he didn't have a clue.

ryan =)

JD left the party after Marcus' set and went to go pick him up. But when they both got back to the party, the cops would not let either of them in. (they would not even let Chris C in, as he had to wait outside for over an hour until Frolic found out and went to get him in.) But JD and J were a little less patient. Understandably I think.



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It was my first Hullabaloo in over three years. It was also my first time partying in Toronto since the end of the political strife (for lack of a better word) that has clouded the scene for the last while. So I really didn't know what to expect going in.

I was in the main room when the stabbing occured. My wife had gone to check out the trance room and missed the incident by a few minutes, but she came back and told me she had almost slipped in the guy's blood, there was so much of it. I didn't know how to take it, but after Charlie B or whoever made the announcement that there had been an "incident" in the second room the rumours that it was a slight injury were already making the rounds, so I wasn't overly concerned. Maybe it was callous of me, I don't know, but as far as I knew the man had been stabbed in the arm and was going to be okay. Still, it was a major bummer, knowing that something very wrong had happened in the middle of such a great evening.

I haven't danced to so many happy hardcore DJs back to back since the United Dance party at the warehouse years ago. It was a great time. I had a great time watching my friend Joy, who is absolutely obsessed with MC Storm, freaking out every time he grabbed her outstretched hand (she was parked at the very front of the stage and didn't move from there the whole night). She was on a mission to grab his towel after he was done, but she failed. I don't know what it is about MCs and Happy Hardcore, but it is a lot more entertaining to see them live than hear them on tape.

Prine Nebula's live set in the third area blew me away. I always enjoy seeing live PAs, so it was a real treat to get to watch the two of them get into it. It was inspirational.

We left before the lineup to get processed by the cops got too long. It was a surreal experience to walk past the dozen-odd police cruisers parked out front.

My wife thought there was too much blood for it to be an arm wound, but it wasn't until we got home, slept and woke up around 4pm that I found out the man had died.

All things considered, not knowing the seriousness of the man's injuries, it was a good event. I wasn't that impressed with the Docks as a venue, but these days you have to take what you can get, I suppose. Maybe I was in shock over what happened and didn't really think about it. I'm not going to pass any judgement on Toronto or Hullabaloo or the Docks based on the tragedy that occured at this party. At the same time I am deeply sorry that someone lost their life. My prayers are with the victim's family.


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Originally posted by fleaflo:
Yo Nesta and anyone else that asks this question,

you can't let over 1000 sketched out partiers, file into the streets at 1am in the morning.

i can totally understand what you're saying here but katie raised an excellent point in the general forum. whoever stabbed the victim was never apprehended (nor was the weapon). the assailant (as well as the weapon) could very well have been there the whole night and that poses a serious threat to all party-goers.

it's a catch 22 situation. had the party ended right then and there, ppl would bitch about being thrown out in the cold. it's a hard poistion to be in....i'm glad i'm not the one who had to make the decision....
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