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Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Klubmasta Will, Oct 8, 2000.

  1. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    naturally, there are a ton of reviews on the hullabaloo board for this party. if you are interested, you can see them here.


    incidentally, the thread was started by next month's tribe cover girl.

    cheers to everyone who made it out to a truly memorable night. [​IMG]

    Klubmasta Will
  2. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

  3. junglettE

    junglettE TRIBE Member

    wow is this just me, or..............
    woahhhh nellie
    why do i see all these little boxes? im not even sketchy?????
    wierd shit
    peace [​IMG]
  4. noah

    noah New Member

    Is it just me ...
    Or can anyone else read anything in here
    Cause I'll I see is squares

  5. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    It's just you guys.
    Are you using Netscape?
  6. noah

    noah New Member

    Most have been the computer I was on
    I can actually read it now

  7. noah

    noah New Member

    First I want to send some props to people ...
    Simpletee, my Hulla soulmate [​IMG]
    Wicked dancing man ... trust me you're a good dancer, no worries about that
    My girl and her sister, parties are always so much more fun with you 2
    My birthday krew, Bryan, Ryan and Rachel!
    Oh my god was this an amzing party!
    I'm not the biggest fan of the Docks so I wasn't to happy that the party was there
    But since I haven't been there in a while it was a nice change of scenery
    Plus it's the perfect size for a Hullabaloo, so I can't complain
    Seceruity was anything but friendly
    It seemed like they all had something stuck far far far up their asses
    they would actaully push people out of their way while they were dancing
    Like it's actually that hard to take one or two steps to the side to get around someone who's dancing instead of pushing them out of the way
    But what can you do?
    Now on to the music
    I spent the entire night, well except maybe 15 minutes when I was in the chill out tent, in the main room
    Got there just in time to catch the last half of Frisky's set
    It was really good, but a bit to trancy, definately got me in the mood though
    Next up was Marcus
    Holy, what an amazong set
    The only problem was that I wasn't in a jungle mood, probablly because I've been to way too many all jungle parties lately
    So I didn't do to much dancing during his set
    But it definately was one of the best sets I've ever seen him spin
    Next on the decks were Robbie Long & Devastate
    I had no clue what to expect from these guys cause I had never heard a tape form them and had only heard a couple of their remixes
    They definately did deliever!
    They were amazing, dropped some wicked tracks and knew exactly how to set the vibe for the headliners
    After that was a set that left me in bliss
    Force & Styles were nothing less than perfection
    That had to be one of, if not the best happycore set I have ever witnesses!
    From the first to last track I had a huge smile on my face!
    Their set was so good that it actaully brought a tear to my eye
    The Next Junction krew was after the blissness called Force & Styles
    Like I said before I just wasn't in a jungle mood, so I decided to catch my breath during thier set
    It wasn't anything too amazing
    But it was good since it was Cap J, Spinz and JD!
    Can't go wrong with that combo
    Where was Trigger?
    Anabolic Frolic's set was good
    Nothing too special, very very trancy
    So it had me dancing
    But a little disappointed
    I guess I was just hoping for more anthems
    That levels D-Minus
    And what a way to end the night
    Hot damn did he spin a good set!
    Lots of anthems that had me jumpin and swayin
    This was definately one of the best parties I've been to in a long while
    Wicked vibe, wicked people, wicked music!
    Which make up the unmistakable Hulla vibe
    I know it was a long time in the waiting
    8 months since the last Hulla and it was well worth the wait!
    Anyone who says Happy Hardcore is dead wasn't at this party!
    This party prooved to everyone there that hardcore is still alive in TO
    And even if the music is "progressing" the vibe is still alive [​IMG]

  8. SpinSugar

    SpinSugar TRIBE Member

    just recovered from funtopia 3. what a wicked night! we got there early- inside by 11 just in time for frisky, who threw down an awesome set. i was instantly in party mode when i walked in to the docks. i actually really like the docks- its a nice, big venue, not too hot. and i actually didn't mind the security! the were super efficient in getting us in the club, which is a nice change. the were sort of pricks when they told us we couldn't sit down, but i think they just gave up on that rule!

    i hung out in the main room for frisky's set, then i explored the rest of the club. the trance room was amazing! i unfortunately don't know who was spinning around midnight, but they rule! does anyone know?

    i met up with some other friends and hung out in the chill room for a while. i also have no clue who was in there when i was. it was a live p.a.- some guy with an alien mask was playing guitar with a crazy effects board! holy shit- it was insane........

    my next trip to the hhc room was for force and styles.....completely floored me! they had the perfect mix of old faves with uhhh...new faves! [​IMG] danced staight through their set. thank you force and styles- you made my night! [​IMG]

    got the hell out of there fast when the hhc room became thug city, and made my way back to the trance room, where i was attacked by a group of non-english speaking sketchy chinese girls who were screaming "BEADS, BEADS!!!" at me and frantically pointing to my armfull of bracelets. by the end of the night i probably had about 10 left. don't get me wrong- i like giving bracelets and candy away and stuff, but i think its a touch needy for people to ask for it. thats just me........anyways- that was probably the only annoying thing about the night- the needy 15 year old sketchbags. but i got over that fast and headed back to the chill room where all the cool kids were.......before leaving the trance room though i bumped into alex d, which was pretty cool. nice to finally meet you alex! [​IMG]

    i have to say- i'm a huge fan of anabolic, but his set just didn't do it for me. i really tried to get into it, but i couldn't. although it was so cool when he first when on and the crowd went mental and sang happy birthday! that was definately a moment! [​IMG] my friends were, unfortunately, waaaayyyy to tired to stick around for much of d-minus' set. i caught about 20min. of it and it was wicked, but i was being pulled out the door by some very tired friends! [​IMG]

    overall hulla was a wicked wicked awesome party!!! [​IMG] one of the best in quite a while! nice vibe all around......everyone was really making an effort to make it a good party, which was cool. keep up the good work anabolic!! and thanks to everyone who showed up and made hulla a kick ass party!

    9.5/10 [​IMG]

  9. eakers

    eakers TRIBE Member

    i had fun.
    there was a good number of people there it wasnt too packed

  10. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    Hullabaloo was everything that it used to be. The music, the vibe, the candy-kids everywhere... I had a blast!
    I hadn't been to an actual party in quite some time but this really renewed my faith.

    I managed to run into everyone that I'd hoped to except for Ecstacy Riot. Where were you? I saw you right behind me in line and then you dissapeared inside the party.

    Definitely an incredible night.

  11. nebula

    nebula TRIBE Member

    Thanks! That was none other than my bizarre-o chill out live p.a. called "infindebula". Glad to hear we made an impression [​IMG]


    Steve. http://www.nubreed.com/infindebula
  12. SpinSugar

    SpinSugar TRIBE Member

    nebula- you did indeed......my brother was also really into you guys. he was the guy wearing the red tinsel wig and devil horns, who kept trying to check out the effects board.

    when are you playing again? [​IMG]

  13. SpinSugar

    SpinSugar TRIBE Member

    i also thought this was pretty funny about hulla. i made my friends nametags, and my brothers said "DJ Pompass" just for jokes. he seriously had like 10 people ask him for a tape or when his set was. everyone loves a dj............ [​IMG]

  14. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    ok get over the stereotypes!

    i cant believe the word thug, and people kickin it to jungle mean the same thing to you. ignorance, fuckin ignorance!

  15. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    im so fuking sick of this plur signature you have when i can pull up so many of your posts and see the total anithesis of it.
    And you jetted to where all the "cool" kids where, like who? your "party posse" crew members? who's cool to you? i'd like to know? Cos I was at this party and saw a lot of people..
    And why do you label sketchy, maybe the girls just came from a different country and were really excited about bracelets, i remember when i first started partying and even know sometimes i get so excited i run and tell random people how much fun im having, and i have come up to a person and showed off at one of my first hulla parties, how much bracelets i had gotten that nite.
  16. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    damn it! i was in the trance room pretty much the whole nite and thru yr whole set hun. i was under the dj booth for a bit throwing water bottles at the net hoping you'd respond!!
  17. SpinSugar

    SpinSugar TRIBE Member

    hi meghan! i'd like to thank you for having an un-necessary grudge against me and COMPLETELY misreading my post. the part about the cool kids was jokes, ok? cool as in chill.....as in chill out room.......god......and my friends were there. and they're cool. and what does "i was at this party and i saw a lot of people" mean?? yeah- there were a lot of people there. thanks. you're perceptive.

    and the sketchy girls were not just excited. i know a fucked up person when i see one. but leave that to you to turn that around.......:) and since you seem to have some sort of hatred for that party posse thing, it was pretty much jokes too, so chill. as in cool.........

    i tire of you now. bye.


    and i'm also tired of defending why i write plur. i write it cuz i'd like it if people could actually live that way. myself included. but it seems we can't. doesn't stop me from saying it!
  18. SpinSugar

    SpinSugar TRIBE Member

    ummm......can you stop talking now?
  19. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    Awww... I missed it, d'oh! [​IMG]
    Where in the trance room were you? I spent a fair bit of time in there, in front of the dj booth but back a bit.

  20. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    i've seen people very similar to those bead goons at previous hullas... not to taint the name as they have been isolated experiences, but it sure is funny when someone demands candy! GIMME, NOW! or better yet when some girl came up and greeted me with "happy hullabaloo!" [all bubbly] and when i failed to respond, "well FUCK YOU!" was her utterance! hah... well, funny memories. bracelet goons are such a joke..

    i'm glad to hear this party worked out so well..
  21. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    Sweet Mother of God Hullabaloo is BACK!

    What a night that was! Definitly one for everyones record book.

    Right from the get go I know it would be a good night!

    My nigt started in a delema...
    silver1 or the the therapist?!??!?!?
    simple I bounced back and forth.
    Now maybe I just bounced around at the right time but they both played amazing! tracks!
    I even got the new silver1 tape! THANKS

    Following that my highlight! DJ FRISKY! Back from England with a bang! Debuting his remix of my favourite track children of the night! Non stop dancing during this set!

    Brano then played a wicked set. (as usual)
    I also caught some of le freaks set and I couldn't stop bouncing......

    next up Robbie Long and Devastate! mmm scratching
    another wicked set. First time hearing them and hopefully not the last.

    Dj mascarade, although i only saw a bit of his set much like last hulla I was not dissapointed! Some sweet ass tracks and flawless mixs! I listened to his set at last hulla during the day because I knew he would conflict with....

    FORCE AND STYLES - dats nice! mmm mmm good. I thoroughly enjoyed their set! I love hearing djs play there own tracks! Sooo hot want to touch the hinny.... That was such a vibe.

    Oberon oh my god! some really hard tracks here, didnt dance much though cause f&s had me tuckered out

    gavin the bass oh gav gav gav, you showed hulla what house is all about.....
    my man its nice to see you doing so well...

    ANABOLIC FROLIC! he didnt get to do alot of his dubplates @ holiday, but Im rather happy about that, hulla is where they SHOULD be debuted and boy am I glad they were...
    that was a nice vibe.

    Subsonic Cronic - never ever a dissapointment. He always smiles....
    he always makes me smile...
    nice pete!

    Security was fine by me....
    I forgot to take my school supplies out of my bag before going but after the party they were eager to help me find them and my cologne too! I got it all back.

    I didn't see alot of cracked out kids lying around which is nice!

    The one and only thing I didnt like was the srobe lighting....
    its just too damn hard to walk when that shit is on....
    and yes I was sober

    Hullabaloo, way to go! Thank you for a wonderful night, thnka you for the memories past, present and FUTURE!
  22. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member


    ok if meghan has a grudge against you, it's probably because she think you're an idiot, like i do. your posts alone state that fact.

    and you know, i refrained myself in the thug post... but i wont here.

    you and your fucking JOKING bullshit!
    you say that so you get out of making yourself look like the idiot you already are.

    but trust me, it doesn't work.

    (and dont get me started on your plur crap)

    no i wont stop talking.
    get used to it.

    narissa [​IMG]

    ~REAL, keep it fuckin REAL!~
  23. SpinSugar

    SpinSugar TRIBE Member

    k, skyparty......just die. i don't wish to speak to you. just cuz no one likes you on the hulla board doesn't mean you have to bother everyone here.

    and ps. when i say JOKES after i write something, it usually means its is, in fact- JOKES. so, in conclusion, you're a moron and stop talking. bye!

    PLUR (not intended for you cuz you hate it so much)........sugar [​IMG]

    everyone else- sorry to start shit in the hulla forum! i'm done now!
  24. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    spinsugar - quiet time.
  25. futronic

    futronic TRIBE Member

    Ok, I was in the trance room almost the whole night too .. where the heck were ya? I was basically right in from of the DJ booth or in front of the right speaker. You weren't wearing a blue wig were you?

    And Pete, I missed yer set cuz I ran into the other room for Frolic's set. I *swear* that I'm gonna get around to hearing you spin sometime! hehe. All in all I had a kick ass time at Hulla, but disappointed that I only ran into a couple tribers (Dave and Ian) ... btw, Dave, nice Moose costume. I'll have the pics back on Sat so I'll be sure to post them up here for ya [​IMG]

    Oh, and the McD's on the way home was WAY tasty!

    -- Jay aka Fut

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