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Hullabaloo - All Good Things


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What a night!

I didn't know it was possible to cry so much while listening to happy hardcore!

Must sleep... then review.


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i don't know what the fuck just happened.

that was hands down the craziest, most vibe filled and incredible party i've ever been to!!!

All Good Things is right!!



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Great time ... almost shed a tear for Tommy! That was quite moving, especially with Sandy there and all ... awwww :) Amazing crowd and everyone was so super pumped as well. Stayed till about 2am and then headed off to Boa.

All Good Things Indeed!


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wowowowowow. we had so much fun. holy shit. i'm not entirely sure why i'm awake right now, but it probably says something about how good a night that was. i haven't just let loose like that in a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng time. it felt really really good, and i'm so thankful to all the awesome people who came out and created such a killer fucking vibe. i seriously feel like a giddy candykid, writing about her first party. heh. i wanna go back. :)
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Oh goodness, where do I begin? At the beginning, I suppose.

As far as I can remember, I learned about Hullabaloo on IRC, back around Love & Magic or Into the Blue. Something always came up, or I wasn't allowed to go, but I managed to pull everything together for Funtopia 1, at Ministry back in June 1998. Even then, there were netmeets: my friend Brian (from #Orbital on Undernet IRC) and his friends Emily and Carl drove up from Washington, DC. Somehow I had managed to convince them that Hullabaloo was worth the trip, even though I'd never attended a Hulla party before.

It was awesome.

After that, I made it to most Hulla parties, and looked forward to them like nothing else. One of my all-time favourites would have to be Big Top: the first big net meet (that I remember), the bouncy castle, playing Twister in the corner of the venue... an excellent night.

And then in 1999, something happened that I feel was a total act of fate, and I feel as though I need to mention it here. I was living in London for school, and I wanted to get back to Toronto to attend For Those Who Know in December. I was too cheap to take the train or the bus, so I posted a message on this very board looking for a ride. A guy named Mikie saw my post, and even though we'd never spoken before, he then convinced his friend Alan to drive me to the party. Alan and I met up in London a few days before the party just to make sure that it would work out, and I found out that Mikie had also offered to let me stay at his apartment after the party.

That night changed my life. Alan had a digital camera, and he let me use it for part of the night at For Those Who Know. I put my pictures online and one was used for the Ooh Crikey Wot a Scorcher flyer, and the "Photocrew" was born. If it wasn't for Hulla, I never would have developed an interest in photography, and it truly has become one of my passions. But back to the people I met that weekend. Alan and I went on to date for quite a while. Mikie has since become one of my closest friends, even though he's lived and worked overseas for a while now. Earlier this year, I flew to Australia to be "best man" in his wedding. I've met so many good people through Alan and through Mikie, and it's all thanks to one stupid post I made on this board.

Starting with Ooh Crikey, Alan and I (or sometimes just myself) would go to Hulla armed with, at first, his camera, then our own cameras, and take literally hundreds and hundreds of photos each night. I loved taking party pictures.

And then in 2001, for various reasons, it kind of all fell apart for me. Going to parties had started to feel like work to me (in terms of running around trying to get photos of everything instead of dancing), I didn't know many/any people to go with and always felt like a bit of an outsider rather than a part of the scene, and then there was Rhythm of Life (RIP Salim). I skipped a couple Hullas, attended Turn up the Music in November 2001 and then I did not attend another Hulla (or any other party, as fa as I can remember) until April 2005, when I grabbed a couple friends who had never been to Hulla and dragged them to Lost in Space.

I never planned to quit like that, it just sort of happened. Hullas would roll around and I just couldn't motivate myself to go anymore. Looking back, I really regret this, as I'm sure I missed some great times.

To be honest, I hadn't even planned to attend Lost in Space or All Good Things. But then Chris approached me about the scrapbook project, and I started digging through old CDRs and pulling together all of my Hulla photos. And then I remembered what Hulla meant to me. Chris sent me a couple scrapbooks in the mail, and I just started to cry. Holding the scrapbook was like holding who I was from 1998-2001, and I missed those days. I missed taking pictures. I missed the people that I saw in the photos.

Then I went to Lost in Space, and I had a great time, even though I never made it onto the main floor, and didn't stay all that long or really see anybody that I once knew.

Last night I promised myself that I'd be front and centre, and there I was, from about 15 minutes into Tommy's set right until the end of the night. And what a night it was! I had my brother with me, and it was his first party ever. I'm glad that he got the chance to experience something that meant to much to me. I was so happy to see so many familiar faces, so many people that I hadn't seen in years and years. That's the Hulla spirit right there, spotting somebody that you haven't seen in four (or five or six) years, giving them a massive hug, and instantly it feels like you're back among true friends.

As the night went on last night, I kept feeling as though whoever was playing was playing the best set of the night. Each and every set was amazing, and I feel like I have to thank the DJs because they were so great.

I was doing fairly well last night emotionally, just a little bit of sadness around the various retirements. And then there was the video scrapbook. There was a slide with a photo of me, and then a couple slides later one of Mikie, and I just lost it. Instantly I grabbed my phone and sent Mikie a text to wish him a Happy Hulla and tell him how much I wished he was there. He came back with "Aww! Blow a whistle for me!" and that just about sums it up.

What else is there to say about last night? The Opera House looked fantastic. The music was amazing. And the crowd! What an awesome and friendly bunch. I've travelled a lot recently and attended some fairly large and famous events. I can say this with all sincerity: nothing can top that Hulla vibe. It was truly alive and well last night.

To the Hulla ravers, especially those who have routinely travelled from all over the place to attend Hulla parties: it's amazing how much dedication you've shown. It's great to see how much effort people still put into their outfits, into bringing things to give away, into ensuring those around them are having a good time. There is no crowd anywhere like a Hulla crowd.

I think that I had better cut myself off, otherwise I could go on forever.

Hullabaloo has meant so much to me over the years, and I am so happy to have been there for the very last one. I almost can't believe that this is indeed the end. But what an end! Last night was truly legendary.

Happy Hullabaloo!

Love always,
Aimée (stargurl)

Booty Bits

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if you weren't there last night, no matter what reviews you read or pictures you see, you'll never know what it was that you missed. just know that you missed something that can never be recreated and will never be forgotten by those who were able to experience it.

that really was like a rave reunion for me, a final page in a really important chapter in my life... it was such a magical night.

you know when you're at a party and there is that one moment, or one track, or one interaction that is just the most killer moment of the night? when everything is totally "right" - the music, the vibe, the atmosphere - everything? well, last night, every single second of the party felt like that pinnacle moment.
it is so hard to describe.

i don't think there will ever be another party with a vibe that thick, that positive, that loving and that joyous. thank you hullabaloo for bringing us all together one last time.


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Well there it is, the end of an era. I thought that era had died a few years back but it seems it was just resting. When first I heard the there was to be a final hulla party I knew I just had to be there. Hullabaloo changed my life.

I was a shy guy who never found his place in the world, but one night changed that. I was brought to hulla 4 by some friends who were also going to their first rave. I wasn't one for going to bars, but I knew I loved to dance and I was willing to try anything. From the second I entered the warehouse on that fateful day something changed. I felt like I belonged somewhere. Thousands of people I had never met were all dancing and having a great time. The music blew me away. I didn't know this kind of stuff existed. I wandered around and danced my ass off until the sun came up and then wandered home. I knew I had found something that was about to change me.

Raving was my new passion, I attended the next 10 hullas, interspersed with many other events. I helped throw numerous parties included the famed DIY parties. All of these events changed me into the person I am today.

I really do thank hullabaloo for this. I don't know if my initial impressions would have been the same at another event. No other parties ever seemed to have the same level of emotional intensity. The "vibe" at a hullabaloo was always the drawing point. There was such a diverse selection of music and people that it just worked.

Now that said on to a review of the party. We showed up at about 9:15 to ensure that we didn't miss any of Tommy's (Silver1) set, and I also wanted to catch up with an old friend Elliot (Hujib) who was the warm up DJ, who has been making quite a name for himself over in the UK and around the world as a producer. From the moment we got there you could feel the emotion begin. Everyone was exicted. There wasn't a frown to be seen.

As Aimee mentioned I also didn't know HHC could be so emotional. I had a tear fighting to be released every once in a while through the night. Tommy's last DJ set ever (finallized with Doctorin' the Tardis!! oh yeah baby!!!).

The lights were amazing, they went all out for this show. Video screens, so many memories flooding back. So many people I hadn't seen in ages: Saffron, Joey, Basic, Johane (Moez), subsonic Chronic, Sketchy J, Adrian, Muffin, Luka (CiG), so many other faces I recognized through the crowd.. (also finally met the elusive Vinder!!)

That's all for now, I'm back at home trying to sleep off a pulled muscle (the old body just doesn't do the things it used to), but I wouldn't trade last night for anything.

Thank you Chris (anabolic frolic), for everything you dreamt, and everything you've accomplished over the past 8 years. You have changed thousands of peoples lives for the better. Sure there were some rough spots through the years, but what people will remember through the ages is what was created, and sustained over its long and fruitful life.

gollum hugz out.


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I can't even sum up into words how amazing last night was. I have been rewriting and deleting and restarting a damn post for 20 minutes but nothing seems to adequately portray how phenomenal last night was.

*sigh* so good.


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jo, you always seem to have a smile on your face but last night i thought you might BREAK cuz you were grinning so wide!

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stargurl...INCREDIBLE POST....wish i went to this. if i had one wish it would be to go back to when i started raving, b4 the politics and BS and cops...back to when i would be dancing side by side with the person holding the party....reading your post just unleashed a flood of memories from partying
thank u


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wow, will post more later but I must just toss my hand in and say "that was brilliant!"

how many people around me said "holy crap, when did subsonic chronic get so fucking hot?"

I met Squirrely, Soju and Saffron!!

more to come when my brain stops skipping around at 150 bpm!

I freaked out for Elysium Plus! like totally wigged out!


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Krzysiu, once again you proved why you are so fucking hot.
You should be gay.

Anyways, good night.
Sneaking Soju in at 12:30 was a mission and a half, but it all worked out in the end. Banned? PFFT!

Nice to see Marla, and CiG nice to finally meet you aswell.
For my last "rave" ever, i'd have to say it definitely went out with a bang.


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The Hulla song girls (sans Sandy) we all had shirts that were individual HHC anthems.

Luka and Jo

Silver1's last dance behind the decks

Frolic and Silver1 spreading the love

shedding the silver suit

(sorry they are so large. I don't have resizing software here)
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Subsonic "trance in my pants" Chronic

Elixir and the Chronic
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keep on rockin' in the free world

Mrs. Frolic beaming

larger than life

Frolic watching the slide show at 3:00 a.m.

watching the slide show



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:D :)
awesome! wasn't there, and HHC isn't even really my buzz at all...but seriously, these pics are making my heart race and bringing a HUGE grin to my face.
glad to hear that it went out with a BANG, and you guys all rock.
for real.:cool:


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Totally not my shindig, but those pictures -- and the reviews posted -- really made me smile. :) :)


Glad the last hulla hurrah was a most excellent one.

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reminds me of the last atlantis....Toronto had such a great scene, seems it has finally came down to the last beat....for those who were part of it ....u know the score
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