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Hulla:Turn Up The Music!


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something to remeber for the future:

if one drinks Dave's Scotch Ale,Rev,and has a shot of Jagermister....it might not be the best idea to throw half a pill into the mix....

you may....

find yourself slighty ill, thereby forcing an early exit from the venue....

however, my first Hulla since the last one at the Docks....I don't know...good party, not too sketchy...I did leave early though I guess...to be honest I miss the larger ones, not just Hulla but all parties...still, looked like everyone was having a good time but not going for it too heavy...have yet to hear any bad news, so let's call it a sucess...


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i havent been to a party-and enjoyed every second of it in ages. this was the hulla vibe i missed!! i would have been nice to have been another huge party-but for the opera house, it was damn good. there is nothing funner then hearing dj's drop the funnest-to-scream/sing to-tracks...haha..nothing makes me smile more than that. yay happy hardcore!
im too tired to list all the dj's and how good their sets were..so i wont..but i left that party very very satisfied..


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...all the dj's I saw made the best of the Opera House's usually cruddy sound and played fairly tight sets, in fact, last night the sound was not so bad, a touch tinny depending on where you were...the line-up moved rather quick which is frankly amazing considering the Opera House usually has one of the worse waiting periods....there's not much one can do in terms of decorations there, but the stage was nice set up and the lighting was better than most Opera House parties...i was curious to see if Breeze was going to play happy hardcore or hard house as some UK headliners have done recently at Hulla, but he came through with a nice hardcore set, that was more than just the old anthems but had some of that spirit....it was a nice suprise to see there was a drinking area...of course I came to regret later but I was so not expecting there to be one....full house but not too full so it did not get super hot....security seemed slightly more chill than usual for the O.H....I was very happy to see that despite what some would have you believe that the "rave" scene is still alive in Toronto...just because your too cool for it does not mean its over...


anabolic frolic

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thanks everyone for coming out and making it a wicked evening. It's great to see the hulla raving crew come out each and every time
. Party ran about as smooth as you could ever expect and IMO this was our best Opera House event to date. Thanks again for your continued support.

ps: jungleboy, I'm not sure who you're thinking of but no hulla hardcore headliner has ever played a hardhouse set instead of a hardcore one, with the exception of a couple of them playing a 2nd set in our 2nd rooms on occasion.


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..yeah I agree...no Room One headliner has played a pure hardhouse set, but a couple times they have started off with a slightly more Nu-Nrg vibe and worked their way into the anthems...anyways great party, keep it up....

Dj Mittens

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I had a blast...I think I'd have to agree with CHris...It was the best Opera House Hulla party ive been to.

The vibe was great...no attitude as far as i could see...even security was all into it..one of them asked me for a stuffed animal while others were excited about getting free whistles.
THe Music was good...Personally i would have liked a couple more oldskool HH tracks to be played but hey..hearing the new stuff was almost just as good.
Frisky played at least 4 Newly produced tracks...which i would like to say WERE AWESOME!
I met and chilled with Tempertantrum..Youre such a nice person to talk to...its still hard to believe youre only 20 !!!( if you're wondering who i am...think of the purple space invader candyish looking chick who you were chatting with on stage)
Anyways...This hulla was great...See ya'll next time!

Temper Tantrum

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Not to sound all jaded and old school (God knows I'm not) but this party reminded me about everything the rave scene was meant to be founded upon. This was my firt Hullabaloo, and will NOT be my last, how can anyone dislike a company that gives you whistles, stickers, candy and paint stamps?

The Opera House was very nicely decked out - Haven't been here since the Serenity party, and the 19+ area with the balcony is my favourite spot (besides obviously on stage) to groove to the music too. While the acoustics in the place aren't phenomenal it's a small enough venue to give parties a very intimate feeling.

I saw so many people there with the huges grins on their faces, maybe it's just something about happy hardcore or maybe I've just been clubbing too much but I did not run into a single jaded partier or anyone leaning against a back wall nodding their head and not dancing because they were trying to look cool. All I saw were huge grins, tons of happy people and lots of flying funfur!! Yes so WHAT if their are lots of kids asking you to sign their books and people giving massages and lightshows in every corner --> It's a hell of a lot of fun! I met so many (sober!) kids last night too who's first party it was and who really gave me hope for the next generation of partiers. I envy all the discoveries about music their going to make.

Sets that _deserve_ to be mentioned

Subsonic Chronic vs. Beaker - WICKED. I love seeing these two boys spin back to back and as usual I wasn't dissapointed. Pete dropped one track right around 1:30 that for the life of me who's name I don't know but WOW.

Frisky - NICE set my man. Totally hype , the crowd went nuts, first time I'd seen Chris spin in a while.

Spice- This man plays the oldschool trance I fell in love with but because he _always_ plays the 6 or 7 AM slots at parties I have never yet to see him spin until last night. WOW. He was the highlight of my night, and because the whole place had almost empted out by 6:30 there was tons of room to dance --> my new favourite DJ

Props out to: Galactic Phantom and Pink Angel, my pre-Hulla pizza and REV crew and especially to Svet for having us over and for lending me bracelets and that 20 dollars!

Moez and Subsonic Chronic: How can I not have a good time at a party when you two are there

Sunkist: DUDE! Lori you made my night bouncing around on stage with a big grin on your face

DJ Mittens: excellent to meet you by the fan, what a sweetheart!

Phoenix and Frisky: The cuteness factor applies. Always wicked to see one of my favourite couples out, especially my girl Anna-Bella, thanks for all the hospitality and what not.

MalGlo, JayRev, Susan O, Cri, sarafina: Saw you guys briefly but always a pleasure

AlexD: you always make the night better!

Security and Staff @ the Docks were awesome --> very understanding about lost coat check tickets and bank machine runs. Thanks to everyone who played 'musical wristband' with me so that I could get up on stage with all the important people , I felt special

So yes, for a night I was transformed back into a Candy lovin' soother wearing, bracelet sporting raver-girl. I jumped and bounced and danced all night and I loved it.

Happy Hullaballoo, This is definetly becoming a tradition.

t. tAnTrUm


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Hulla as per usual... f&*%in fun!

the day i miss a hulla.. is a day i dread

Chris -- adding the extra bins helped hugely with the sound.. nice pounding bass.. hardcore needs to be heard and felt.

Nice setup with all the extra lights.. setup very nicely... and teh backdrop on the stage.. very decent..

something most people probably didn't notice was teh disco ball that was setup about 5 feet above the ground behind the dj... and everyonce and awhile the intelligent lights would be all over it.. really nice effect..

unfortunately i had to leave the party just after 1 to catch armin.. (trance..what can i say) but lemme tell you it was a tough tough tough decision to leave.

to quote cri.. '*yay* for hulla!'


p.s. i can't believe i paid $17 for 5 sprites from the bar.

Subsonic Chronic

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I had a great time while I was indide the party. Silver1 and Hujib got things going on the trancier side of hardcore. I very much enjoyed the decorations and lights and hwo the Opera House definitely looked unique for this event.
'Cept I realised that my headphones were removed from me sometime later on in the night. Which 5ux0rz big time and as a cold-weather flyer virgin I realised how much standing in the cold sucks too.

But I had a great night otherwise complete with the expected and wonderful Hullabaloo brand vibe and of course the usual cast of characters that make these parties so enjoyable.



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I LOVE Hulla parties

I had soo much fun up until the time I left

We were supposed to leave and go to the SOnic State party..but after being at Hulla I didn't want to go!

BUt we did and even tho I had fun there I wish I would have stayed at hulla...always a blast!



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hello best party EVER! oh my god, i had the best time at hulla. from the moment i actually got parking i knew it would be a good night.
lineup wasn't too long and moved pretty quickly, security was actually nice......i got there early- around 10:30 or so, so it wasn't crowded at all for a little while. we used that as an opportunity to do a walk through. nice decor, smiling faces, wicked vibe, crappy sound until it kicked in at 11:00 or so.

sets of the night had to be d-minus and anabolic. it was the first party i really couldn't stop dancing at in a while! loved d-minus remix of i'll fly with you. and i was the happiest girl in the world when anabolic played come together!!!
subsonic and elixir's sets gave nice little trance breaks throughout the night as well. and i've got to say, i was soooo happy there was no jungle at this party. the thug factor was at an all time low.

the vibe was so crazy- i talked to so many people. random candy kids were running up to me and giving me bracelets and candy and stickers oh my! it was just good times all around. it was pure fun from the moment i got in line until the moment i left around 6am. yea hulla! thanks so much for such an amazing night!