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*HUGE* favour needed!!!


TRIBE Member
I know that there are more than a few peeps working with Reason for their production, as am I. I have *very* important track I have to finish, but I am missing the Orkester soundbanks. If someone could put it up in my folder on the Watcher's FTP, I will be very, very grateful.

much love,



p.s. - if you are using a bootleg copy of Reason, or any other production software, please remember to buy the legit version when you can afford it. The manufacturers are doing us a great service by not chasing after and cracking down on those who use illegitimate software (polar opposite of how the RIAA chooses to deal with the same situation - giving vs. greed, dig?). So when your genius translates to a big recording contract and superstar d.j. and PA gigs, please don't forget to pay back those who helped you get there in the first place.