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HTML question...


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Or tons...

Ummm... well I'm just teaching myself some html for school and doing stuff I can do outside of the free "basic editor" that Angelfire gives me...

BUT, I can't seem to get the top frame of my page not to cut off the text at the top :mad:

Is there a way to center things top and bottom?

Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do?!?


Is Flash hard to learn? I think I want to try putting an intro in or something... but I have to teach myself.

Here is my page:


and while you're at it, sign my guestbook!

And any suggestions you have would be excellent! Like how I could spunk it up more...

I might put a 10-minute "mock" radio show on there too. Maybe I could teach myself how to put Real Video too! The possibilities are endless!!!

This is way more exciting than writing an essay on Management... eewwwww

PS, I don't think you guys have helped anyone more with school than you've helped me, lol


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<BODY bgcolor="#666666" text="#FFFFFF" topmargin="0">
<MARQUEE BEHAVIOUR=SCROLL DIRECTION=UP LOOP=INFINITE WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=80 SCROLLAMOUNT=3.5><b><font face="Nasalization" size="8" color="#FFFFFF">Chiclet:<P>Toronto<P> Trance<p>DJ<P>and <p>music<P>fanatic!</font></B></MARQUEE>



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Thank you! You are a genius!

Now how about my other question... is Flash REALLY hard to learn?

And how do I begin to make streaming video??? :D

Thank you thank you thank you!


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dunno.. I wanna learn it too


One change to that code... remove the space after "and" to center it up when it scrolls by.
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That Angelfire code is messing things up... if you save that code I posted in it's own file and loaded it up on your computer, there's no space. It's sending a line break somewhere in the java.


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Well, I'm looking at it now, and even though there's still a small space... it looks 100% better than before :)

I'm just waiting to move my site to the domain name I just registered... but I have to figure out server space first... ack.

I like Angelfire though... because I get 50MB. I'm not sure what that means... but after uploading lots of pics and a 30min audio file... I've only used up 5.5 :)

jus me

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I want to learn too, I have the program AND the tutorials on CD. I just don't have the time to learn it all. I have it here somewhere, you could always borrow it.

The thing about flash is that, there's a ton of things you can do it which equal limitless possibilities.

Thing is, I can't draw on the computer. :( Which sucks, because I wish I could make my own icons n stuff.
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I keep my site on cogecos web server and I just have my registrant forward(free) it to cogeco. The web address is hidden always behind the registered name, even when you change pages.

I know this isn't what you asked . But, it will save you some money instead of paying someone to host it for you. cogeco offers 50mb as well(same as rogers) and they allow up to 75 people to connect to your web site at once.Plus they have very fast servers!!

I need to learn flash as well. My web site is only for info so I made a quick boring one for now. But, I would like to make a nice one soon!!


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Also, if you want to have streaming video on your web site you have to be on a web server that has realserver or something like it installed. Which, alot don't!


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flash is pretty easy once you get a handle on the timeline (i.e. making many different pages all on the same page)

check out my site: tommysmalls.com (i just put a background, some buttons, and place what i want where i want)

there are lots of flash resources on the net, starting with www.flashkit.com, and the macromedia users guide is pretty good too.



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Originally posted by da MiGHTy pLUm!
flash isn't too hard to learn until you get into the action scripting.... that's usually where the real money is.... :p

definitely. Flash intro's are easy enough to create if somebody explains the basic concepts of this software though. You can make one with very little action scripting.



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Originally posted by swenard
Also, if you want to have streaming video on your web site you have to be on a web server that has realserver or something like it installed. Which, alot don't!
They don't because Real Networks stopped offering their once free limited version which allowed something like 5 or 10 simultaneous connections...

It costs about $2000+ USD to get a decent version of it now..


Chiclet - if you can't hook up a place to host for you drop me a PM... assuming you don't eat up bandwidth / put up mp3 livesets I can handle it.. :D
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