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hows your new year SO FAR


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Just curious as to peeps new years and how its going as apposed to last year.
Did you make any new years resolutions and keep them
have things just looked up soo far, and have you noticed a difference in you attitude towards life/money/people/relationships.

Or anything else that might be of import.

Over and Out.
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It's not really new anymore sort of worked in and at the comfortable spot right now. Except some how I know by the end of this year I'm going to need a new one again. always seems to work out that way.


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first year ever that i have kept my new years resolution...

it was to eat healthy and keep up an exersize routine...

been doing great, haven't given up yet...

just got a big job promotion which is also great...

might turn out to be a fantastic year...




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awesome year so far.. loving life..having great times with great friends.. feeling revitalized and rejuvenated... happier than i've been in a long time :)


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Can't believe we're into March already. The year has been better than the last so far, but it is still not where I'd like it to be. I hope it keeps getting better, and it should, as summer is approaching.
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Broke my resolutions already so that's good!

My friends and I always set resolutions you want to break, it's better that way. You're gonna break em anyway, might as well make it worthwhile to break.

This year is fine. This Smarch weather is killing me though


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My only resolution was to not drink for the month of January, which I did.

It was painful, but I did it. :)
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No complaints, thus far.

Have my health, my friends, and my family :)

The year has already brought a whirlwind of unexpected challenges and situations - none of which did I ever even consider that I would encounter - but I'd have to say I learned a ton from them. (this is life, no?)


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but not as poopy as last year...we had to call for backup.
things are looking up though...i finally 'pulled' last night...
but now, back to poopy.

Cheer Bear

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Amazing & Scary all at the same time.

I'm bigger and fatter than I've ever been, more worried than I've ever been, but happier than I've ever been at the same time.


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If past photoshops are any measure, I've killed approximately 180 kittens thus far.

So much for that resolution to have more sex.

Resolutions don't work man, its all a scam.
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pretty wild so far, had some crazy shit happen and its still not all cleared up. however, if everything works out in the next 4 months, ill be a very happy man



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The year so far has been moving pretty quick. Nothing really dramatic happened to me yet but I can feel things in my life progressing, which is good. I am finally starting to see some pay off for hard work and I am starting to see a lot of potential for my present and future, which is also good. So anyway, so far so good - but I'm really looking forward to spring/summer. :)

Hawk Eye

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My new year is going great so far.

- quit smoking (Jan 4 and no it wasn't a new years resolution)
- haven't had really any fights with my roommates at all
- got a place for when i graduate that happens to be in toronto wahoo for a very cheap price
- looking fwd for my trip to BC in April
- been in a great mood
- trying hard at school
- and i've been working out pretty regularily which is great.. i've taken 3 week hiatus bc of reading week and the injury of my elbow.. no pain anymore so come this monday im going to start going to exercise classes again :)

Hawk Eye

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Originally posted by MalGlo
awesome year so far.. loving life..having great times with great friends.. feeling revitalized and rejuvenated... happier than i've been in a long time :)

me too!!!!
I'm so happy right now and i've been like that for awhile.
Im just anxious to get done school and start my life. :)
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