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Howell's/Superchumbo @ System


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I didn't go, I'm bitter, and dieing to know how it was. I'm sitting here picturing it as I type and thinking about whether I should drive down now to checkout the last bit, but I live in the boonies and it's a long drive. (not to mention drinking and driving is illegal).

ANYWAY, please tell me how great it was so I never give in like this again.

<--- envious of all you fuckers who went. :p
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ok, i only stayed for tom stephan, so i can't give the best review of the night on howells. however, tom stephan knows what it's all about. dude tossed some funky chunky prog, and i was loving it. i knew i wasn't going to make it for howells given the previous night, so i decided to make the best of the evening and get down to superchumbo. some really good tracks, mixing was pretty good too, and like Cri said, vocals make it soooooooo much better!

wish i could've stayed longer, but i was exhausted.

oh, and girl friday's cousins are hilarious, so much fun.


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Howells Tore It Up

How amazing was that?!? Phenomenal Evening!

Got there just as Scaife was ending, and Superchumbo was coming on. 'Chumbo didn't do that much for me, as he leaned towards the housey side of progressive and the mixing at times was a little off, but he did pepper his set with some outstanding tracks. He played one track that used a sample from an 80's tune ( sample was "So we dance" - or something to that effect) which I would love to get my hands on.

Then Howells came on and my word, what a set. Impeccable track selection, warm, rich sound and flawlessly spot on mixing - nice long moving mixes that always seemed to make the switch at the perfect moment. His use of Cosmo - You Take Me There was a definite highlight of the night. And what energy out of the man himself. He was totally in tune with the crowd and definitely lifted the place with more than tunes alone.

And by the end of the night the crowd was spectacular. Everyone was totally there for the music and to have a great time.

Great night all around.

Shouts out to cheezwhiz, ever the great guy to party with, and to the girl who forcably removed the druken dickhead from my fiance.



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I didn't think I was going but landed up there...:p

Danced my ass off, feet swollen, eye s tire d.....feeeeelllling....sleeeepppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......................


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That Sample...

I remember the sample now - it was from the 80's tune Let The Music Play, and the sample was "We started dancing".

If anyone knows the track name, please post it.
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Re: That Sample...

Originally posted by Kabo
I remember the sample now - it was from the 80's tune Let The Music Play, and the sample was "We started dancing".

If anyone knows the track name, please post it.

I'll be damned if I can remember!

It sampled Shannon's 'Let The Music Play'. I know there's new mixes of it coming out, so I suspect that was one of them. I think that it might be a Superchumbo mix, but I can't recall.

I asked Tom what it was and he told me, but I was too drunk to remember afterwards.

Onwards with my review...

Arrived with my gf and a few of her friends at around 11:30 PM. Got to hear Scaife play a bit until Tom Stephan came on. Scaife played exceptionally well.

Stephan started off a bit too slow/mellow for my liking, but that soon changed when he started playing that chunky New York tribal house that he's so well-known for. I felt like I was at Twilo for Junior Vasquez back in his days recording for Tribal (when he was good). AMAZING track selection. At points he even ventured into near techno territory.

Stephan built it up nicely for *THE* man himself, Danny 'mutha effin' Howells! Talk about a nutter. This was my first time catching him and he just pounded the fuck out of System - in a good way. He certainly has a very unique sound. It was great to hear a DJ that stood out and didn't play what you expected to hear. It was also nice to see him bouncing around by the decks and edging the crowd on and throwing records up in the air. This is how DJs SHOULD be when they play.

He was progressive in a way, but it was very unique. I think this is due to Danny's notorious reputation for his taste in all types of electronic music. I can't really say his sound was anything other than very electronic-sounding. It was a unique sound to me - kind of like when I heard Cass play for the first time at System last year. I don't find myself much of a dancer, but I had a blast jigging around and actually danced for a bit.

We left at around 5:30 and headed back home with massive smiles on our faces. Twas a good night out!

Special thanks to all of those people out there who helped make my girlfriend's birthday extra-special - whether you gave her a peck on the cheek, a hug or bought her a drink. You helped make her night one to remember - well, that's if she can remember it at all! ;) Extra special thanks to Mike Greco for being an amazing host and Mark Scaife for being, well, just Mark. ;)

Jay K.


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The track you guys speak of is:

"Tedd Patterson - Magnifique (Magnified mix)"
"Shannon - Let The Music Play (A Capella)"
mixed in.

That's how it is listed on the back of the case of this Ministry Magazine mix that Tom Stephan put out with the Feb. Issue.

Yes, it's a great track. I'll rip it off this mix and upload it to the tribe ftp (if I am every able to get on it).

I unfortunately missed last night. I was exhausted from the previous Kool Haus outing, and I was saving money for S&D.

Good to see you guys had a good time.

:( <--- Bummed that he missed Stephan and Howells


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I also noticed that he used the same Acapella on CD 2 track 1. I'll upload the entire mix for you guys.

Howells was right off the hook, he's a very talented dj that is a sure, consistent bet that consistently delivers. This is I think the third time I've seen him, and always, always, always I have walked away from his set extremely satisfied. This time round was no exception.

Tom Stephan really took me by surprise, as he managed to show why he's being looked upon by many as the future of progressive house music, with his strongly building set that climaxed nicely before Howells got on. Momentum to his set is a very nice way of putting it.

But when Howells got on at 3am, he didn't lose a beat or take it down in the least. Veering back and forth between hard, banging tech and funky bassline driven house, he kept us going through the night. Non stop.

Shouts out to the crew who showed up: Mr. Tall (at a prog event? :eek:), Jayisbored, Metal Morphesis, Doodlebug, Vinder, Coleridge and Kimberley (or is it Creme?), ~Liquid Fairy~, Blueker (I should be aware that I don't need to write your phone number down on my hand just to dial one and your number. You do live there after all ;)), loopdoktor and his lovely girlfriend who likes to punch, Che, Susan, adrian, Dj Alchemy, Orange Richie (happy birthday), my buddy Ryan (friend from grade 1), dj cheezewhiz, Jayrev, Sassy, Girl Friday and chickpea (road trip to London in due time :)) and the other usual suspects who make Breathe nights so much fun.

Massive shouts outs to the new posse I met last night: Cuzo, dick sherwood, Bass Invader (I have not forgotten my promise to you...;) My word is bond), and anyone else I met that night. I look forward to talking to you cats again, and very soon I hope. It was a pleasure meeting you all. Warm greetings to you all the day after.

From the Ministry of good goddam that was fun.

Prime Minister Highsteppa
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Fantastic night. I loved Mark's set especially the later half.
Superchmbo was chunky, manipulated fun but I started to get kinda anxious for Howells at about 2:15.

Howells = WOW! He never disappoints. I could feel the energy in the room instantly grow soon as his first set of beats hit my ears. That driving and energetic baseline he puts in every song, on the platter is unbelievable. The mix of genres - prog, trancey-soary prog, tech house etc. was dreamy. His unique style and crowd manipulation is the reason he is my all-time fav.

I hope he comes back soon - what a great night to ring in spring!


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i feel love...

well, after a long evening at koolhaus my body wasn't very happy with being back out again so soon...however after warming up a little to mark scaife who played a nice warmup i knew i had made the right decision...like already being mentioned above tom stephan started off a little flat, but that was only like the first two songs...he played a sick sick remix of "hide u" which was over top of something sounding very similar to oliver klein timeloop (one of the nastiest tracks ever)...some incredible stuff, near the end of his set which went close to 3...i was hoping i hadn't set my expectations too high for mr howells...both times at breathe he has truly rocked the place, & not many djs can consistently deliver the goods every trip (ie parks & wilson, clive henry even dare i say deep dish)...

but............this guy rocks the motherf*cking house every time he plays...his set was so incredible...i recognized next to nothing, & enjoyed every last note & every single breakdown...i didn't leave the dancefloor hardly at all the entire 4+ hour set except to grab some more water, or just take a wander around to check everyone in the place getting completely off to his sound...even monsieur coleridge was bouncing around til the last track...& how to end this evening.................

a long time ago (it may have been one of lawlers or an earlier howells set) we were discussing what tracks would have made the night over the top...deep dish came close to perfection with new orders your smiling face, but howells threw down the biggest bombtrack of all time...donna summer i feel love...this is 7 + minutes of pure giorgio moroder bliss...& the last track of the night...what was that??? electro, vocally, the funkiest & happiest track i've heard since, well i just can't compare it to anything but it had the full dancefloor screaming for more...this guy should be brought in one time to play one of his infamous all night sets...i'm also thinking a road trip to nyc to see him spin would also be a good possiblity...

so what an excellent night, & what would a perfect evening be without the perfect people...to everyone who struggled out after thursday (be it from dimitri, element, hybrid, goldie) full on, hard core styles respect...not one regret here at all!!! as i say everytime, you all make my nights so enjoyable...to jarod from the left coast good to see you going hardcore til the final note had faded from the air...to karl, thanks for the respect, but it's always awesome hanging out with you & vicky...& to everyone else who banged it hardcore (alx,susn,stve,jmes,mlia,vndr (oops two vowels missing, but ya took off to early you big baby :) ), crme(2 nights in a row you old lady :D ),mtalmrphsis,part, & so many others my apologies if you're not on here)....

so the standard has been set for next friday evening...2 kids who've been held high for some time as we waited their return to this frozen tundra...see you all next friday!!!!!!!!!



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Well it was a very last minute decision for me to come out last night, but well worth it!! :D

I had never ever heard of Tom Stephan before..but I was groovin to his set. I was just sitting there at first and I said "WHo is this??? :)" and then promptly got up and danced to the rest of his set. Sweet sweet vocals :)

It was also my first time seeing Danny Howells..and although I only got to stay for an hour of his set..I was right up front the entire time. I really really enjoyed it. :) And you can bet I will be there the next time he visits Toronto!

It was also super great to see everyone that I haven't seen in forever..been in hibernation in Waterloo ;)

~Cri~ :)


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Wow!!!! :D That about sums up the evening, I was totally blown away by Howells set. I think I had a huge smile on my face from the moment I walked in the door. I couldn't stop dancing to the tunes he was throwing down, so deep, sharp, and funky. His track selection was killer one wicked surprise after another. The crowd was good, everyone seemed to be having an amazing time and eating up both Howells and Stephan's sets. I unfortunately only caught the last hour of Tom Stephan's set and what of it I heard I loved, I agree with Vinder and Cri vocals are elemental! It was great seeing so many familiar faces and meeting some new ones as well :)

Thanks Chrissy for the no hassle entrance as always, wish you could have stayed longer but understandably the coronas and your couch were calling your name :p

Thanks Lisa and Jay for staying with me till the near end (I know both of you were exhausted from the night before - troopers! :) )

Steve - so fun partying with you, glad you and Adrian decided to stay and stick it out

Magical White Isle & The Vibe - great seeing you guys out, sorry I didn't get a chance to chat more, couldn't stop dancing long enough to have a conversation :)
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I only caught like 20 min of Superchumbo and didn't really like what I heard.....but Howells was unreal.

That opening track :eek:


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Once again I will say that I am not a prog house fan. Techno is my fav....but the mighty System has shown me the light once again.

Props to our boy Mark Scaife for warming things up quite nicely. It is a treat to hear such good Toronto talent.

To be honest...I don't even remember Superchumbo's set. I think I was inhaling the liquor at that point in time. So please excuse the missed review.

Danny Howell was on fire! I think that I heard the best prog house of my life. He played snappy track after snappy track......phat track after phat..........Does this Nu-Breed futhermucker ever let up?

Hmmmm let's throw in some techno...how's about some housey shit.....and even a little trance styleee! .....without the cheese! My calves, ankles, feet, hamstrings, and knees need to be rebuilt from non-stop movement. Is there a cadaver in the place that I could borrow the above body parts from? Nope, just lots of lively people workin' it, even at 4am! Mmmmmm....love the delicious techno bangin' trax!

(Solace....running shoes next time....runners!!)

This was a memorable night. He was on point tonight when compared to seeing him at System the last time.

......and the crowd danced on and on and on. Folks were friendly and happy too.

To quote a certain club decorator:


Peace Party People


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i needed a few cortisone shots in my legs that night :)

tom stephan was quite good...nice and raunchy, some tribalness..definitely a nice treat

i was pretty wiped from the previous night so i didn't get crazy to howells but he seemed to play some nice ass shaking tunes. enough to make me grin and bear it, slowly and gently dancing away till 6 am or so. once again, quite the animated dj, playing with the receptive crowd who were eating it up. it wasn't too busy, which was a good thing and plenty of good peeps to shoot the shit with since i wasn't on the dance floor front and center. always fun to hang with chrissy, karen and lisa. you gals rock! :D

Metal Morphosis

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one word


I'm glad to read all positive reviews... i sometimes find toronto partiers just don't realize how good they have it.

Not much to say that hasn't already been said.... howells does it again, wish i had his energy...

good crowd if you didn't venture too far back in the club... what's with the women's washroom lately??? crack central.

Karen and JIB - the howells troopers.
Chrissy for the sofa... albeit for only one short hour.
Highsteppa for the CDs
Mike and Ash for the water
and all the rest of you crazy fawkers

And thank you to everyone for making my friend from Vancouver feel welcome and show him what Toronto partying is all about. He truly was amazed.



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What a night.

Ok, so just a quick review here...

I'm not sure I can remember everything, but thax to everyone for making my b'day extra special, I had a blast.
It was one of the best nights of my life so far.

Thanx to my bf as always for making me feel good.
Extra thanx for Mark for being a sweetie.
And a thanx for those who bought me drinks.

It was so nice seeing everyone, and just as nice meeting a lot of new people.

(Jay, I told you I'd say hello to you the next time I post, so a big hello to goes out to you, it was nice meeting you, sorry if I was a little too "energetic" that night)

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Très Bon!

I showed up on Friday night expecting Tom Stephan to play circuit house, and Danny Howells to play a mediocre prog set. Well ... not really, but I can't resist an opportunity to poke fun at System Soundbar. :)

Seriously though, I was thoroughly impressed with the music, especially for someone as obsessive over basslines as myself. Nice one!


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how much do i love danny howells????

i want to have his children!!!! lol

seriously though, i could not have asked for a better night. ack! he was AMAZING! at one point i was speechless cos i just could not describe how good he was. i tried to leave for half an hour and just could not cos the music kept getting better. an AMAZING DJ.

tom stephan was very impressive except for that brief foray into all the diva vocals at which point i got a bit frightened. hearing get ur freak on made my night. and that hide u remix was fantastic!

*sigh* i still have absolutely nothing bad to say about friday night. i was in heaven :D


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What can I say, but great party!!

When I arrived I didn't even have to look in the DJ booth--I could instantly tell it was Stephan throwing it down. What a great sound. I was excited to hear him play his Missy Elliot track. I'd love to hear him in prime-time for 5hrs to see what he can really do.

Howells--well, once again, didn't disappoint. At some points I wished he was playing a bit harder stuff, but nonetheless, he kept me grooving and smiling throughout.

So many new tracks that were great. Probably got a first glance of some tunes that are going to be big tracks over the summer. I can't remember some of my fav's, unfortunately, but definitely some wicked shit--mixed brilliantly.

The last hour was off the hook. It's always worth it to stay until the end, you usually are treated to some crazy tracks at the end of the night. Magical White Isle--thanks for sticking around to the end!

Not as busy as I'd expect. Long weekend crowd I guess. TONS of guys, far more than the normal System average.

Good seeing many familar faces. I recall my thirty-second chat with Sassy...most were too into the party.

Sasha & Digweed Friday...hope to see many of you there!

I had been looking forward to this party for quite sometime, and aside for the lack of women at System (it was brutal this time, unlike I have ever seen anywhere), I had a blast.

Got inside just before midnight, to make sure we got to System early enough to hear Superchumbo spin. As I expected, he threw down some sick tribal, deep beats and had the crowd grooving nicely to his set. Not too dark or hard, just enough to get the crowd itching for Howells to rock the party. I too would like to see Stephan on his own in prime time, for some really sexy and nasty shit that would have people losing their minds until the wee hours in the morning. Great to see him though for the first time, I look forward to seeing him again soon. (Hopefully when he has a residency in IBZ this summer). Uh, get ur freak on!

As for Howells, everyone here has already spoken the truth. He is a world class performer, as well as DJ. He was bouncing around, pumping his fists, shouting out into the crowd and feeding off the crowd's energy. It was great. He had the dancefloor moving all night and capitvated the hardcores until close to 8am. People were begging for more at the end. The tracks were insane, most of which I had never heard before. The ones I did recognize, I couldn't even remember 5 minutes after the fact because I was dancing and partying with my boys in such a joyful bliss that it didn't matter. Grooving to the music was all I cared to do and it was easy to do with DH behind the decks, as it was when he was at System in the fall.

As I said, only complaint, is that there were WAY too many guys. Hopefully, it was an isolated incident. If B&H could put together an event for Howells similar to the one they threw for Deep Dish, it would be sheer insanity.

Nice to finally meet and chit chat with Vinder. I look forward to seeing you out again soon and continuing shooting the shit about our adventures in, you know where, soon.
Cri, what up? Nice to meet you as well.
Sassy, sorry our encounter was a bit brief, I was losing my shit at the time at the music that DH was dropping.
GirlFriday, nice to see you as well (especially when you start bouncing around). Yes, it has been a while since last I saw you, hopefully it won't be too long until we see each other again.

Tom Stephan, what.
Danny Howells, what.
Sasha & Digweed this week, what.
What, what. :D

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