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Howells in London


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Well, overall this was a complete waste of Danny Howells talent...the place was so empty due to absolutely zero promotion of the party...i have no idea what the club and Benson and Hedges are thinking.

Anyhoo...Danny was wicked and threw down non stop top tunes.
It was cool at the end when the remaining people in the club all huddled around him and gave it hard...i was really feeling it and i wish to god i was at System tomorrow

Good to put a face to Che, RJ45, Sneaky Pete....

I had a blast regardless of the piss poor turnout....Danny rocks



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word chris. waste of his time indeed. eventhough he was holding back he still managed to pump out some decent tunes. that place sucks as a venue and whats up with blocking off the area around the dj booth? most of the night was without vibe but the last 30 minutes or so when everyone rebelled against the 'man' and hopped the chains to surround danny was a special moment indeed. danny is one of, if not the nicest djs out there. so eaasy to talk to, shaking hands with anyone who stuck theirs in his face
watching him gag down his first rev was pretty funny too.
big ups to the people who made it out...rj45, che (howells new concubine), rental man, sneakypete the purchase of alcohol
, spinsah (nice seeing you again bro), cracky88 and the uncool non-tribe friends.
can't wait for round 2 tonight which will be insane for sure

big downs to the opp


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I checked it out too. Danny was awesome and I wish there had been more people there, but unfortunately there aren't many apreciative people in London for him.

As far as DV8 goes, it's a top 40 bar making a weak attempt to become a good club like System or Tonic.

It was nice meeting you CHE, thanks to ma girl Dlerium88.

If anyone saw some dancing freak up on the stage wearing a crisscross back shirt and black pants...lol...that was me...I was bumpin' it with Blueker for a bit...hehe.

Hopefully you guys [who are going] will have a way better time tonight...mmmm...System...I have heard so much good stuff about it, and I reeeeeally want to check it out soon!



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Hey guys, lets just be thankful for last night. Its not too often you'll get Danny playing for you so intimately like that. Well, like the way he was like in the end when he wanted everyone to crowd around him. I told him "its not too often we get to see you play to such an intimate crowd" to which he replied "yeah, now it feels like a house party". and it did. I got tons of wicked pics which I will post asap. Once you meet this guy you'll understand why I like him so much. He is the embodiment of what a great DJ should be. The total package in other words. I won't go into anymore detail right now and I'll save a more thorough review for tonights event. All I have to say is don't miss tonight at System.

Nice meeting some new faces.
*TheLiquidFairy* (hubbahubba)

Rent Boy
and the usual suspects who made last night so memorable, RJ45, JayIsBored (drive slower
), and Marty

See you tonight

P.S Danny hates Rev
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Shoulda come to Lush ;]

Some of that sexy house music...

I was going to check this out, but the free alcohol was calling to the Indian blood...



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Well what can I say about the town of London. This place is a bubble and not many have even heard about Mr. Howells, that coupled with bad promotion makes for a slim crowd. Danny pumped out some top notch tunes and is a great guy as well, I wish I could hit up system tonite....

It was great seeing some familiar Tribe kids out...Jay, Pete, Chris, Ritika and was awesome meeting Che and RJ45.

Hopefully the next time London is graced with a DJ of Howell's caliber more people will come out to appreciate it.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Temper Tantrum:
Steve get's Tina's LAMEness award.

I hate you too steve.

t. tAnTrUm
Oh you be quiet
At least I know Deep Dish are two people (before and after seeing them)

Again, sorry Tina

Temper Tantrum

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Che:
Oh you be quiet
At least I know Deep Dish are two people (before and after seeing them)

Again, sorry Tina

It was called a typo you slutfuck. Now hurry up and call me @ home

t. tAnTrUm
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Unfortunatelu DV8 does this all the time. Last year they paid $8000.00 to bring Roger Sanchez and got 27 people paid admission. Same reason, no publicity. Everything about the place is sketchy and because of DV8 there are so many DJ's that will probably never return to London. Which is a shame, as many party-goes on this board can attest, London can be a very warm place for a DJ to be recieved. C'est domage... but I make Lemonade and still can smile cuz I know people like Chris, Spence and Marian etc probably still did all they could to make Mr. Howells feel welcomed and appreciated.


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Jamie!! Howell's was awesome, but it was unfortunate for the turn-out.
I wish DV8 would try a little harder.
Afterall, they tried the Mark Oliver residency, but once again, no publicity. Unless you call his personal message on the radio publicity.

I hope Dany Howell's doesn't think London's a boring town of non-party-goers...*sigh*


Love ya JeMz!