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Howard Stern got his ass fired!


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Snoop was on today. it was hella-funny. Snoopy and Sandler are working on their joint new movie project entitled Superniggah, and I for one can't wait. the whole show was about pimping and it was great. (but Stern does get annoying a lot of the time.)

"supernigga, suppernigga, come in!"
"what is it my homie?"
"we is robbin' a bank and the SWAT just showed up - need assistance!"
"on my way!"


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I'm listening to the Stern archive from Monday. Apparently they're waiting for the complete axe, Powell (Head of FCC) is trying to up the indecency fine from $27,000 to $500,000, just so they can pin it on Howard Stern and get him off the air. Howard is rampaging against Bush, going over everything he's done in his first term in detail. It's good to hear some mass broadcasters finally start opening their eyes.

Boss Hog

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Geez for so long I was trying to figure out why Bush appointed Powell Jr. to the head of the FCC.


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Hopefully he'll move to something else, so he can say what he wants to say without being censored :p

pr0nstar :D