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How would this make you feel?


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A couple of days ago, my coworker (who is 23, very cute and outgoing and attractive) was on a conference call and our mail guy, who she is generally friendly with, approached her desk and said "I saw someone in the paper who looks like you!" and slaps down a picture of that day's sunshine girl.

Not knowing what to do, she laughed awkwardly and tried to return to her call but he kept standing there chatting about it.

Would you feel flattered? Creeped out? Do you consider this to be sexual harassment? Would you tell your manager? (the guy has been "spoken to" several times prior for chatting up interns)
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Well considering this guy has been "spoken to" about this kind of behaviour, I would be creeped out, and REALLY pissed because I'm on conference call.

I would tell him calmly and rationally that when I'm on a call I have to devote my entire attention to what's being said, so that I can form educated responses. Therefore he shouldn't bug me unless it's an absolute emergency.

I would give him one more shot to redeem himself, and if he makes another questionable jesture I would file a complaint with HR.
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The whole scenario is made worse by the fact that she was on a conference call though. It's one thing to be embarrassed, it's another thing to be humiliated in front of colleagues by a douchebag.


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Skipper said:
I don't think the big issue here is the conference call...

I realise that ..... but for me the fact that I was on a conference call and the idiot still didn't leave me alone whould result in me going directly to the boss instead of giving him any chances


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1) its pretty insubordinate behaviour... she was on a call and he stands around trying to chat about it etc...

2) its boderline sexual harrasment, inapropriate for sure
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clearly the mail dude is clueless..

if i were in her position, id mention the incident to him in passing. no need to make a big deal out of it, but he obviously needs a lesson in tact.


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I'd be fucking pissed off and highly, highly creeped out.

highly creeped out.

I work with an office of men and if one of them told me I looked like today's sunshine girl I would vomit on their pants.


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my feelings in a situation like that would be totally determined by my relationship with the guy and a general "vibes" thing.

unfortunately, a general aura of creepiness isn't really something you can take to HR.
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yeah I'm with squirrely on this. Although I'm pretty lenient with this type of thing so it would take a hell of a lot more than that for me to want to get the guy in trouble.

If I was attracted to the guy I'd tell him firmly that it was inappropriate. If I wasn't then I'd tell him the same and then stop interacting with him beyond the minumum required for the job.