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How was your limelight tonite? :)

dj x

TRIBE Member
Saw a whole bunch of ppl, was packed as usual. had a blast, oldskool breaks all the way! Colin dropped "tribal base" and everyone went nuts hehe. Then there was the usual cheap booze altho I don't drink, but my friends for sure appreciated that!.
and.......*drumRoll* women EVERYWHERE
especially one cute chick towards the end of the nite
*grin* haha.
Oh well, guess I'll never know who it was!
Thanks to Chris for hookin' up me up! wOOp

Willar X


TRIBE Member
Limelight was great as alwayz
.....too damn short tho! Damn those "we're leaving now" carpoolers! haha......oh well, there's alwayz next week!

*jen* ( and my jessbabe too

Jimi James

TRIBE Member
Haden't been to Lime since Valentine's day.... Had a pretty good time. I must say, alot of talent walking around last night, most of them about 18 years old. Red Lion spun a wicked set, but was taken over by the hip-hop beats. Will be back next week.
Jimi James
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limelight wednesdays - never dissappoint

last nite was a tamer one for me as i had to work this morning and drive home last nite.

DEAD tired when i got home last nite, but well worth it.
friends, breaks and the outdoor patio.....soo good!!



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it was a fun time as usual
just wanted to relax after work
great to see everyone
jen, jessica, and pete email me at otay79@hotmail.com
it's a spam account, so it'll take me awhile to check it, but i will get back to you

it was sort of nice to see less people there than last week
actually gives you a chance to talk to people instead of just saying hi


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It was fuckin dope!!

Saw Millions of ppl!!! Willar like always u didnt dissapoint,

Great to see Sunne and sarah again.. My two fav girlies on the planet..u always make me feel so special

Happy b-day to Jordan... too bad u got kicked out

Nice to meet Loress (mmmm u know what i think aout you)

Good to see Brad and Meshell out for once

Thanx to Drea and Neil and yes Jonny Mack was out in full effect

Does anyone know who that chick was that jus walked up and started kissing me?? all i know is that she's from oshawa??

Props to Colin and the Ol'Skool set

I'll see everyone soon.

Jonny W


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by funkNstyle:
Great to see Sunne and sarah again.. My two fav girlies on the planet..u always make me feel so special

awww grinchy grinch, you're so sweet.
see ya at the vital party.

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