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How was Sasha?


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You may be shocked to hear me say this but I enjoyed Marco Carola's music better than Sasha's. I caught him in the Gallery for just under 2 hrs. He was playing exactly the kind of techno I like. Pitched down a bit and alot more funky. Great stuff! It was way too rammed for most of the night. I couldn't totally get into Sasha's set for some reason. His recent recorded sets sounded better than what he played last night. However, Sasha having an average night is way better than most DJ's on a good night.


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smack said:
You may be shocked to hear me say this but I enjoyed Marco Carola's music better than Sasha's.

I'm not shocked to hear anyone say that - Marco Carola is a brilliant DJ and does that funky minimal sound so well. If it hadn't been Halloween at the guv, I'd probably have considered going.


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Spot on

Sasha was in his usual form and spot on with his Maven working the clubs airwaves. He Played some really cool robust tech tracks and both of his 2 new tracks "C.O.M.A" and "Light In The Shadow"?. The place was rammed at times to the point of concern and it was like Richie Hawtin @ Industry back in the day.



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As much as I've enjoyed Sasha's recent sets of late, I wasn't getting the same from him on Saturday. Maybe it was just me, maybe 'cause the night was a little more hectic than usual being Hallowe'en. I dunno, it was good but nothing off the charts.

Marco Carola, however, tore the Gallery a new one and dropped some of the most bass-heavy tracks I've heard. Wow, was that ever lesson in hard techno :)


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I must have been at another party....

All I know is this.

Snapper, noodle and I lost our shit for alomst 2 hours straight from the beginning of Sasha set onward.

I had an awesome time. And I didn't think the Guv was over packed at all.


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Overall the party was good!!!

Early in the night it was nice to walk around and see people and their costumes. Saw some really incredible ones, the 8 foot robot guy, mini me, and the wheel chair dude who was being pulled and whipped by some jason like character, totally cool.

A little later in the night is when the crowd was getting out of control, there were definitely some scary moments walking through the crowd and I didn't really see any bouncers trying to control the situation. But as the night went on and the crowd started to thin out, which made it nice and comfortable to dance and get around.

Sasha I believe came on at a little after 1:30 and was relentless till I left at around 5am. For me he was spot on, he was pounding it out with driving beats, heavy basslines, and beautiful melodic sounds. Great set!!! Definitley a good warm up for the main event with him and Diggers in Montreal on December 28th. Looking forward to that!

Just wondering if anyone knows the name of this track
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2naQdTZx0xc ) ?


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xtollo said:
holy fuck corola was amazing
I have to agree. I missed the first hour or so of Sasha's set to listen to Carola. He was really good. Then I started feeling guilty because I'd really come out to see Sasha and I was missing his set so off to Sasha I went. By then the crowd wasn't as crazy as it was earlier on in the night in the guvernment so it really wasn't bad. And it was Sasha so I was happy.

Overall, great night. Some pretty good music. I have to say it had been a while since I'd been to Guvernment... Why is it that no matter where you're dancing / standing you'll get shoved - even if you're in the dead middle of the dancefloor? it seemed like the first few hours people just kept shoving me as they tried to pass and there was no good spot to dance or stand. Regardless, I had a great time.


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I got there late, not until 1 and was pleased with Spooky, pity he was only on for an hour. Sasha's set had some solid tunes but for the most part I just couldn't get into it. The overwhelming laboured bass didn't do anything for me. The crowd was sardine can packed and rather hostile/shovey. If it wasn't for the friends I was with I doubt I would have stayed as late as I did. As it was, we left while Sasha was still on and that's a 1st for me.

Looking forward to Mtl...