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How was Big Bud's Chronic?


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Big Bud was O.K. L Double w/ Caddy and Friendlyman was freaken' awesome and they totally schooled Souljah and Demo IMO. I think more fire, is awful, but people seemed to like it. What was even worse was GCP, I really like the track he has on the Armed & Dangerous EP, but he blew, maybe he was just nervous. Anyways, I think you probably choose a good party to miss.


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Wasnt bad, had good time, 19+ was nice b/c its sorta a system of cleaning out young crack heads and music was really good. I actually liked the 19+ more b/c i could watch the dj and his reactions to us when he put a nice track on. I could actutally rate all the dj's in the room but i am really to lazy so they all did an ok job. A thing i did notice was the sound system had a few problems.


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Demolition man was annoying, all he kept saying was bling bling bling,

L Double on the other hand was awesome, threw down some sick tracks and his mixing was tight.

All in all and ok night, but I could have done without it.



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Had a generally good time, this is the first party that I've been to that was exclusively jungle and I wasn't impressed by the number of confrontations (shoving, threatening) that I witnessed (in the middle of the dance floor).

L Double and Friendly Man were excellent...totally loved their set...
Demolition Man and Souljah bored the hell out of me...stop saying More Fire, it's annoying and nobody wants to put their lighter up 30 times in an hour...I found Demolition Man to be especially bad and I was greatly relieved when he gave up the mic...
DJ Chucky, Bandit et al where very good, played some fun old school stuff...danced til five....

Not bad for my first all jungle party, but it totally confirmed my growing distaste for large parties in general

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