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How to totally deactivate Windows Edge browser in Windows 10?


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I have been fighting with the Microsoft's Edge browser for months. I don't want to use it and have de-activated it from the Startup apps, but it persists in trying to get me to re-install itself at every opportunity. WTF. Today, when I booted up the machine, half the screen area was taken over by an Edge sidebar with all kinds of information I don't want like sports and weather and entertainment news. WTF. It is doing this on it's own. It is now malware.

Didn't windows have to unbundle their Internet Explorer from Windows at one point? Today's Edge-Window integration comes at the expense of usability and needs to stop.
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I found the process of not using edge pretty painless in 10 and Windows 11. INstall chrome on a fresh install, set it to default program - unpin edge from the taskbar and bob's your uncle! Never looked back / neverr had an isssue of it reappearing, except on another fresh install (which makes sense)