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how to stream your music fast so others can hear it and not steal it.


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I notice some of you put direct links to your tracks and although they may take a while to load and are not at the highest bitrate quality, there is a better way to show off your stuff and you dont need to know much about web design.

I use real player to stream tracks just like www.releaserecords.com does and www.satelliterecords.com does. Jerome @ release showed me a thing or two and I thought I'd share with you all on how to do the same.

right click on your desktop (windows) and create a text file. Inside the text file type a direct link to your track like so:

http://www.yoursite.com/yourtrack.ram <- this is where you will upload the track to when your ready.

Once you do that, save the .txt file as a .ram file with whatever name you like.

You now have to save your track as a .rm (real media file) out of your wave editor. Soundforge does it but I'm not sure what others do as I only really like Soundforge for wav editing. If your on Mac, your on your own. Maybe someone else can explain the mac side of it. Choose what stream you'd like to save it as but stay above 28.8 kbps as it sounds like shit.

Now, you upload both your .ram file and .rm file to the directory you specified in the .ram file.

Now, when people click on your link:


it will automatically stream to them over realplayer in seconds..

be prepared as I wasn't to have rogers cut your web server off (not your service or email) if you use up your monthly quota of downloaded data which includes streaming data.

Hope that helps.



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right click on *.ram file, save target as..., open in notepad, get location of *.rm file, put it in your address bar, steal it :eek:


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welcome to the world of technology.

you don't want ppl to steal it.... then don't make it.

someone somewhere will always steal it.

make an 8-track tape of your shit on monday...

that bitch will be on kazaa on wednesday.

way o' th' world, darlin'....

the days of making loads of cash on music is done for
the moment.

docta seuss

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i'm sure the point was that it is a more secure way of doing it, seeing as how most people are familiar with the single and double click, that being about the extent of their abilities.

damn you kids and your ability to manipulate these so called, "computer machines";)
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Originally posted by DeepSix
that and .rm is crap audiowise...who'd want to bootleg off of that?

whoever's dumb enough to steal it is probably dumb enough to try and make music with it.


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Originally posted by beaker
whoever's dumb enough to steal it is probably dumb enough to try and make music with it.

i just realized what a completely superfluous statement that was.


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Originally posted by docta seuss
unfortunate, but SO true.
i suppose i should drop my pop star aspirations.:D

dreams can come true
look at me, baby, i'm with you
you know you got something something
you know you got to be strooooong

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When I said steal it, I meant as they would your high quality mp3's that seem to be posted. put up lower quality streaming ones instead.


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What we need is respect, respecting other people, their ideas and work. It's as simple as that.

I for one look down on piracy or any type of theft, and i'm not afraid to tell people. The excuse that they aren't really stealing because it's a corporation is not good enough, people have gotten laid off and people are losing money.

So check yourself, look at the music that you have and consider if you really are a music lover and all that encompasses. Because love requires respect.


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The only real way to make sure your track is not stolen is by copyright,easy way is mail it to your self and keep the package closed,if the track gets stolen you can show tham the original along with your work like solo tracks etc....

I am always concerned about my music being stolen
so I either upload unfinished versions or lower quality tracks on the net the chances of your music being stolen are 1-100
but the chances of it being saqmpled are alot greater....

take care