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How to protect new couches - Microfiber

The Watcher

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Just wondering if there is anything I should do to protect my new couches.

they are made of Microfiber, which is like suede, but made from polyester I think.

Anywho, Toby mentioned Scotchguard, but I thought that stuff was for carpets.

Does anyone know of a good product? or has done this before with Microfiber?
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^ Nah... fuckit

The couches are only to be used if the queen comes over.

Or Milla Jovovich... she can sit on em...
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get your granma to knit an afghan to cover the couch. Then take it off for special ocasions. That's what my family does.


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Originally posted by JayIsBored
yeah, i bet all his moisturizers and skin products would stain the couch.


oh, and a big hello to BIG AL!!!!

you love me, you know it...:p