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how to minimize vibration from my subwoofer?


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anyone have any suggestions as to how i can dampen the bass from my subwoofer? i've moved into a new place, it has hardwood floors... the bass booms and is very deep now. i'm afraid that it's going through the floors and bugging other tenants... other than fiddling w/ my equalizer, anyone know what kind of material i could put under the sub so it cushions the vibrations? or maybe i should elevate the sub so that it doesn't rest directly on the ground?
any suggestions would be great!
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after further research, i'm no sound designer dude, so i reallly don't need one of these things...
i need a homegrown suggestion...


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well its the only thing that works man homegrown solutions won't absorb as much low end. If they would there wouldn't be any of those ridiculously overpriced acoustic and absorbing products.

some of those DIY solutions do work better than some really expensive bass traps etc. I would suggest making 2 of those traps place them in the corners opposite to sub if you don't like it well i dunno but i do think it will allow yuo to play your music bit louder @ later hours than you would otherwise + music quality will be better :)

there is of course old school solution i heard from couple of people but it involves a leather couch (the ones with big pillows) and it does work to an extent but one its way more $$$ than DIY bass traps :) and i dunno how effective it is.

if you will decide to do some traps in the end here is another usefull link for ya


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the problem is there aren't really any homegrown suggestions for dealing with bass. the power and wavelengths are such that low frequency noise travels very easily between walls and floors. suspending or putting a cushiony barrier under your sub is about the best you can do without some construction work or spending some money.

edit: what rulz said...


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damn... there's some interesting solutions there... a little too much work for me to do for my cheap-ass logitech sub... :)
i'm gonna try cushioning it. i think elevating it will help plenty...

but thanks for the suggestions! :)
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Logitech Z-2300? The issue I had with that unit is that, even though you turn the sub volume down to minimum, any bass-heavy music will still have the sub overpowering the mids.


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yeah i have the logitech z-5300 and i was also wonder how i could reduce the vibration seeing that i will be moving into an apartment in August. So if i put 4 hockey pucks under the corners and put a blanket or pillow under the pucks will that do a descent job?


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even if you isolate your sub, your neighbours will still feel those low frequencies.....maybe just turn down your sub if they complain, let the room do the work...