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How to meet the ladies

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or you could do something completely random like i did friday night with Raj,

we are at FW, we see this really hot chick, and of course, are like, wow this chick is hot, look at her..... and then she looks at me... and asks me for my name(knows me), and then have a good 30 minute flirt session(so pointed out by rajio but i dissagree), and perhaps a meetup at my pub! LOL

raj can vouch....so random, and akwardly funny


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Balzz said:
Did you notice the Toronto area code? LOL! I wonder if any of the tribe ladies have encountered him.
Yeah, I did - that was completely fucked. "If you don't call me by the 6pm deadline you can just lose my number, because I'm deleting yours now!"


-- Jay aka Fut
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um.. i seem to have gotten my hands full with enough baggage as it is.. to add some more from the girls stuff forum is asking for too much...

plus i seem to have a couple of good tings on the go ;)
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Subsonic Chronic

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assassaint said:
mother and daughter walked in my store this morning and daughter was SO hot that i said "YESSSSSSS" out loud. i realised what i did when mom grabbed her hand and pulled her really close.

daughter was paying and she slipped me her phone #. i just got back home from nice dinner and drinks with her.

she said what i did was the coolest thing ever and that 90% guys are ballless pricks and that i made her feel special.

i dont get it but who cares. im gonna get some.
Congratulations? ;)
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I<3Robots said:
Offer to make her dinner and stutter when you do. The stutter is important or she'll turn you down. It's really cute.
or she'll say yes because it's kind of pathetic and she feels bad to say no.

Just don't make boil in bag rice, and offer frozen vegatables..
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