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How to install a printer..


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I am stupid.

I have a laserjet 3330 printer.

I went on hp and did a search for 'drivers'.

However, I have isntalled the driver into a c:/lj3330 directory, but there is no .exe file

I would like for this USB - printer to work on my laptop.

Therefore, I turn to those less stupid than me, and perhaps you can tell me what I'm doing wrong?

(everytime I turn on the laptop it says "Windows has found new hardware" but then asks me for the cd- which I don't have)
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Jake, when it asks for the CD does it also ask for a directory to where the files on the so-called CD could be ie. the downloaded drivers you grabbed?
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And verify that the DOT4 port checked (in the driver, Ports tab - DOT4 is for USB connectivity) instead of an LPT or TCP/IP port, once you complete the installation.