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How to help someone who is tripping out at an EDM festival


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seems like reasonable advice i guess.

this quote though:
Once I tripped so far out when i came to in the medical tent i thought i was backstage and the nurses were dj's. they were chilled about it and let me go once i had a conversation that wasn't about my upcoming set


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The best I've ever seen was at Sauble. All us usual suspects were walking around. We then see one of our good friend out of no where with the Paramedics. She's slapping him to existence with no avail.

He saw us, and immediately is like completely normal. Hey guys!!

Amazing. We just went on our way.

didn't even know he was there. We still laugh about it to this day. technics1200
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I remember that [sauble] because Dr. Trance spun this wickedly epic set until the sun came up, and it was just zombies dancing as the sun came up. :)

They don't do it like they used to. That's for sure.

I really miss the scene. For what it's become now. Beer sponsors, 15 dollar cups of beer, and crap.

Got to take bets on how many kids are going to die to pay off millions to [djs] to push the play button.


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I think that's the happiest I've ever seen Dr. Trance. Not that I really know him at all.

I think the destiny guys had a cardboard cut out of Paul Oakenfold spinning at one point. Maybe that's an old wives tale...
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